United States 2013, 82 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

“You can’t choose when you live, but you can choose who you want to be”. Behind that motto stands a woman, who shattered American society’s stereotypes of her. In the crumbling city of Detroit and at the age of 98 she still believes in the revolution. Grace Lee Boggs, the daughter of Chinese immigrants who ran a little restaurant, started reading philosophy at a very young age and was drawn to the works of Hegel and Marx. A passion for social justice drove her to write, publish and organize rallies and demonstrations, filling a central role in the struggle for Black civil rights. Her distinct voice as a firm activist made her the only non-Black woman in the movement to be targeted for surveillance by the FBI. It turned her into a kind of guru who, together with her husband James Boggs, attracted countless activists and admirers to the cause. Today she needs a walker to get around, but she still believes that the Revolution is inevitable.

Previous Festivals: Silverdocs, Los Angeles Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, DOC NYC, Documentary Edge Festival, DocWeek Australia, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Milwaukee Film Festival, Athena Film Festival, CAAMFest

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Director: Grace Lee
Production: Grace Lee, Caroline Libresco, Austin Wilkin
Production Company: Leelee Films
Editing: Kim Roberts, Ace
Cinematography: Jerry Henry, Quyen Tran
Music: Vivek Maddala
Print Source: Cinephil (philippa@cinephil.co.il)