Indonesia 2013, 107 min, Indonesian, Hebrew & English subtitles

Life’s not bad when you live in a sewage canal. Just ask Boni and Rita. They’ve spent the last seven years living in a sewer, with a bustling city of 12 million people right above their heads. Still, they imagine they are in a forest and that the whir of cars is a sweet melody. Boni, Rita, Titi and Ho all make a living playing music on the buses of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital. Another 7,000 musicians like them live on the streets, persecuted by the police. Still, they manage to write and perform protest songs that express the loneliness, violence, social gaps and pollution as well as the hope. This film follows them for five years as they manage to learn, find love, start a family or reunite broken families. Above all, they survive the many violent upheavals of Indonesia, made all the more potent, when set against our heroes’ original music.

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Director, Production & Cinematography: Daniel Ziv
Production Company: Desakota Productions
Script: Daniel Ziv & Ernest Hariyanto
Editing: Ernest Hariyanto
Soundtrack: Titi Juwariyah, Ho Mulyono & Boni Putera
Music: Dadang Pranoto
Print Source: Cinephil (