Netherlands / Belgium 2013, 107 min, Dutch and French, Hebrew & English subtitles

There’s irony, self-deprecating and even some slapstick in this story about a special friendship between two men. It is not the kind of friendship that we expect to find in the movies. These men aren’t brothers in arms. They’re not waging a relentless battle against the forces of nature. In fact, there’s no machismo at all. There’s just two aging men, Marcel (a Walloon) and Bob (Flemish), who live in a sleepy Belgian village. Their wives have left them and their children are usually far away, so they share all they have left: the loneliness, the rowdy humor, copious amounts of alcohol and “man talk”. These conversations are full of weakness, tears and desperation. They’ve considered suicide on more than one occasion. But then, much to their surprise, they realize that they’re not ready to part ways. It is the care and concern they have for one another that keeps them hanging on, instead of disappearing.

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Directors, Script & Editing: Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels Van Koevorden
Production: Pieter Van Huystee
Production Company: Pieter Van Huystee Film
Cinematography: Niels Van Koevorden
Print Source: Cinephil ( )