United States 2013, 101 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

Al Pacino played him in “Dog Day Afternoon”, but behind the Hollywood version of John Wojtowicz lies a complex character, hard to untangle yet captivating. Back in 1972, he committed the weirdest armed robbery in the history of New York, when he walked into a bank waving a gun and demanded a quarter of a million dollars. Thousands of people cheered him in the street. “I’m the gay Babe Ruth,” he said with a smile. “I beat the fucking system”.
This is the incredible story of a man who fought in Vietnam, discovered his homosexuality in the army, married two women and two men and slept with dozens of others, became a militant activist in the fight for gay rights, was imprisoned, raped, tried to commit suicide and got ill. Yet “If I would’ve known how it all ended”, he declares, “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Previous Festivals: Toronto, New York Film Festival, Berlinale

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Director & Production: Allison Berg, Frank Keraudren
Production Company: Unleashed Films
Editing: Frank Keraudren
Cinematography: Amanda Micheli, Nim-rod Bachar, Wolfgang Held, Pete Ginsburg, Axel Bauman
Soundtrack: Andrew Freiband, Brad Bergbom
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