Germany / Italy 2013, 84 min, German and Italian, Hebrew & English subtitles

There is much humor but also plenty of touching moments in this film about a topic that few people dare deal with: the sexual urges of people with disabilities and their need for physical love. Enea is a 29-year-old Italian, who wants sex and love. But Enea is also autistic, which makes it hard for him to build a relationship with a woman. He is a friendly man who is always smiling, but his efforts to start such a relationship always end in rejection, leaving him depressed and those closest to him embarrassed. So Alex and Carlo, his two best friends, take him on a journey in search of a lover to teach him how to make love. They are intent on replacing his fantasy (based on newspaper clippings showing photos of models) with thoughts about a real woman, whom he can one day meet. Enea learns all that throughout his journey, while his friends, who are not autistic, learn just as much about love and listening to the other.

Previous Festivals: IDFA, DOK Leipzig

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  • Sun 11.05 16:00 Cinemateque 1
    In person Alex Nazzi one of the film's protagonist
  • Fri 16.05 16:45 Cinemateque 4
    In person Alex Nazzi one of the film's protagonist
  • Sat 17.05 17:30 Cinemateque 4


Director: Carlo Zoratti
Production: Henning Kamm
Production Company: Detailfilm
Script: Carlo Zoratti, Cosimo Bizzarri
Editing: David Hartmann
Cinematography: Julian Elizalde
Print Source: Wide House - Anais Clanet (