Egypt / United States 2013, 104 min, Arabic and English, Hebrew & English subtitles

Tahrir Square should have belonged to the young people who felt the rest of their great country had been stolen from them. They set off to the Square full of hope, demonstrating with enthusiasm, and returned to it in a state of euphoria, which ultimately turned into tears. They dreamed that one day all of Egypt would be Tahrir Square, but that dream was taken away from them, and gradually, the Square as well. The heroes of this film are the young people who took to the streets to overthrow the Mubarak regime. They were convinced that tomorrow they would be free, only to discover that nothing had changed. In fact, their brothers from the Muslim Brotherhood, who sat with them in the Square and swore not to leave until Egypt was free, ended up siding with the brutal military in an effort to gain political power and had no qualms about using the same tactics of persecution and oppression they rose up against. Shot with the young demonstrators from their perspective, this film is an attempt to understand who robbed them of their revolution.

Previous Festivals: Sundance (Audience Award), Toronto, Berlinale

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Director: Jehane Noujaim
Production: Karim Amer
Production Company: Noujaim Films, Roast Beef Productions. Worldview Entertainment
Editing: Pedro Kos, Muhamed El Manasterly, Christopher De La Torre, Pierre Haberer, Stefan Ronowiscz
Cinematography: Muhammad Hamdy, ahmed Hassan, Jehane Noujaim, Cressida Trew
Music: H. Scott Salinas, Jonas Colstrup
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