Australia / United States 2015, 90 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

Two major events took place in 1977: NASA launched the first Voyager space probe and Sam Klemke began filming and narrating his life. The American ship carried with it gold phonograph records intended to be a combination of a time capsule and an interstellar message to alien civilizations – no war, hate crimes, pollution or animal extinction were mentioned. Klemke (“a sensitive yet self-aware bum”), fascinated by film’s ability to capture time, recorded his own (few) achievements and (many) never-realized goals, his relationships with women, binge eating, ambitions and frustrations. With brutal sincerity and self irony, Klemke becomes the viewers’ close friend. At fifty-something, he tries to understand what, exactly, has been the point of it all?

Previous Festivals: Sundance, Rotterdam International Film Festival


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  • Fri 08.05 17:00 Cinemateque 2
  • Sat 16.05 10:00 Cinemateque 2


Director: Matthew Bate
Production: Rebecca Summerton, Sophie Hyde
Production Company: Closer Productions
Script: Matthew Bate, Sandy Cameron
Editing: Bryan Mason
Cinematography: Sam Klemke
Music: Jonny Elk Walsh, Raynor Pettge