Netherlands 2016, 4 min, Dutch, Hebrew & English subtitles

He doesn’t know the listeners on the other end of the line, but 90-year-old Mr. Stone has many stories to tell. During his weekly phone conversation with a volunteer, the old man tells his funny, ironic stories, and experiences a momentary respite from loneliness.

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Directors, Production, Script & Editing: Sanne Rovers, Laura Stek
Production Company: Vpro
Cinematography: Sanne Rovers, Animator: Zaou Vaughan
Research: Monique Lesterhuis
Soundtrack: Podington Bear
World Sales: Laura Stek (


Sanne Rovers (1981) is a documentary maker. She made youth documentaries about freedom, identity and creativity and also develops multimedial documentary projects: Fotomoment (a photobooth, website and videoclip) and A Listening Ear (a radio diptych, animation and installation).

Laura Stek (1983) is a radio producer. For VPRO (Radio 1) she makes long radio documentaries and podcast series. Her audio work was nominated for the Prix Europa and Prix Italia. Laura also collaborates with others in interactive web projects and works on storytelling installations and documentary performances.