Spain 2016, 86 min, Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

When an outsider rises to power, she’s in for a period of adjustment. Ada Colau, two years into her tenure as mayor of Barcelona, is considered one of Europe’s most radical political leaders. She came from nothing—“nobody important”, as she described herself before a parliamentary committee investigating the financial crisis in her country—the leader of a popular movement that gave voice to the hundreds of thousands who became homeless. The woman who openly called bankers thieves, and held them criminally liable for the crisis, blazed her path between the men in suits, the “stuck-up, undoubting, know-it-all males”, and riled up an apathetic public. The film follows her year-long campaign, including personal video diaries where she shares the things most politicians hide at all costs.

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  • Thu 11.05 11:30 Cinemateque 1
  • Sun 14.05 15:15 Cinemateque 1
Director: Pau Faus
Production: Ventura Durall
Production Company: Nanouk
Script: Pau Faus And Ventura Durall
Editing: Joan Manel Vilaseca, Àlex Garcia, Núria Campadabal
World Sales: Taskovski Films (


Barcelona, 197.
Degree in architecture. His artistic restlessness leads him to create COMANDO VIDEO in
2013, a service for social movements to document their daily work. He made several
short films such as "The retired city" (2010), "Offstage" (2011) or "Pedagogy" (2012)
among others.