Israel 2017, 60 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

Boaz Sharabi was born in Tel Aviv, one of the 11 children of the late Sa’adiah and Sarah Sharabi. Born and raised in Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood, he suffered from ethnic discrimination for many years. His family’s later relocation to northern Tel Aviv led to a culture clash. Boaz was a middle child, a wild iconoclast who got kicked out of every school, and lived in fear of his dad, who used to punish and beat him. Boaz’s father was a man of faith, who lived a simple life, and that’s also how he raised his children. He started giving Boaz his approval only when he got into music.

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Director & Script: Miri Perelman
Production: Shlomo Zach Miri Perelman Efrat Fogel
Production Company: Omanut Ubidur Mirkush Sratim
Editing: Moris Ben Mayor, Zahi Cohen Zemach
Cinematography: Yaniv Linton, Itay Raziel
Research: Efrat Fogel, Or Mizrahi
Soundtrack & Music: Boaz
World Sales: (


haim and adam, hamefik, nefesh yehudit