Netherlands 2017, 81 min, Burmese, Hebrew & English subtitles

These beautiful, tranquil landscapes are steeped in enormous pain. After many years of violent military rule and oppression, Burma is attempting to recover. Poetry, the people’s traditional means of expression, protest, and defiance, is now put to use by those who would push Burma into a future where elephants coexist with smartphones, and feminist blog posts are typed in grass huts. The poet Maung Aung Pwint, who spent many years imprisoned in a narrow cell, sometimes in solitary confinement, is one of the thousands of poets whose voices were silenced during the dark years. His personal story, that of his son who was forced to emigrate to Finland, and those of other dissidents, are told via a mosaic of photos and poetry passages—some optimistic, others still nursing deep wounds.

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Rotterdam Film Festival, CPH: DOX



  • Tue 16.05 15:15 Cinemateque 1
  • Fri 19.05 16:15 Cinemateque 4
Director, Cinematography & Research: Petr Lom
Production: Corinne Van Egeraat
Production Company: Zindoc
Script: Corinne Van Egeraat And Petr Lom
Editing: Petr Lom, Dorith Vinken, Stefan Kamp
Soundtrack & Music: Biosphere
World Sales: Corinne van Egeraat (


Petr Lom is a former professor with a Harvard Ph.D. in political philosophy who left academia to become a filmmaker in 2003. His award winning films have screened at Sundance, Berlinale, and more than 250 festivals around the world and have been broadcast in over 30 countries.