Belgium / Germany 2017, 90 min, English and Flemish, Hebrew & English subtitles

“I hate the word ‘fashion’”, says Dries Van Noten, and at first glance, it’s easy to believe him: a slim, greying, conservatively dressed man. But Van Noten is considered to be one of the fashion world’s top designers. He is bold, creative, and also intensely private, and this is the first time in his 30+ year career that he allowed a camera crew to document his complex and ultra-meticulous process, to unlock the secrets of his grandiose and colorful fashion shows over the years, and to show him in intimate moments with his life partner, as well as his schnauzer, Harry. Alongside a stunning overview of his body of work, the film joins Van Noten as he prepares for his most flamboyant fashion show to date.

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  • Sat 13.05 10:30 Cinemateque 1
  • Tue 16.05 21:30 Cinemateque 1
  • Thu 18.05 12:00 Cinemateque 3
    Extra screening due to high demand
  • Fri 19.05 16:00 Cinemateque 2
Director & Production: Reiner Holzemer
Production Company: Reiner Holzemer Film Production
Editing: Helmar Jungmann, Stephan Krumbiegel
Cinematography: Reiner Holzemer, Toon Illegems, Erwin Van Der Stappen
Soundtrack: Jürgen Roth
Music: Colin Greenwood, Matthew Herbert, Sam Petts-davies


Reiner Holzemer is a German filmmaker and founder of the Reiner Holzemer Film Production which started in 1983. His production company has developed and produced more than 30 documentary films and artist portraits. Reiner's work often focuses on internationally renowned artists.