Israel 2017, 68 min, English, Hebrew & English subtitles

In My Room is a coming-of-age story about six teenagers, told entirely through home videos they have shot and uploaded to Youtube. These are their video diaries. For years, the camera is pointed towards them and into their rooms. It allows us to be present during their most fragile, painful, confusing and amusing phases of growing up, trying to become the people they dream of being.

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Director: Ayelet Albenda
Production: Naama Pyritz
Production Company: Ingenue Productions Ltd
Script: Ayelet Albenda, Sharon Elovic, Naama Pyritz
Editing: Sharon Elovic
Research: Adi Savran, Imri Kahn, Anna Cohen-yanay, Laila Betterman, Flavio Botelho, Evelyn Diaz
Soundtrack: Daniel Meir
Music: Omer Hershman


Graduated the Meister program at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and studied film at the Tel Aviv University. Winner of the 2012 Matanel Young Artist Award. Albenda researches teenage self representation on the internet through film and video art for years. "In My Room" is her first feature documentary.