Brazil 2017, 127 min, Portuguese, Hebrew & English subtitles

Forty years after his mother visited China, director João Moeira Salles finds the footage she shot there, and tries to figure out if she realized she was witnessing the beginning of a revolution. He tries to crack this mystery by examining amateur footage from the other revolutions that were happening around the world at the time: the student uprising in France, the Soviet invasion that trampled the Prague Spring, and the riots in Brazil. What was the ideological spirit that set 1968 on fire? When exactly did complacency set in? What became of the idealists who wrote “Workers of the world, have fun” on walls, but who were willing to die for the revolution? An extraordinary blend of personal and historical storytelling and in-depth analysis, this is a brilliant and impressive cinematic treatise.

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  • Fri 12.05 15:45 Cinemateque 2
    After the screening: A conversation moderated by Dr. Pablo Utin
    Filmmaker Present
  • Mon 15.05 14:30 Cinemateque 1
    After the screening: A conversation moderated by Dr. Ohad Landesman
    Filmmaker Present
Director: João Moeira Salles
Production: Rachel Zangrandi
Production Company: Videofilmes
Editing: Eduardo Escorel, Laís Lifschitz
World Sales: Luiza Paiva (


Brazilian documentary filmmaker, João Moreira Salles, began his career in 1985 writing the screenplay for five episodes of the series, "Japan, a Journey in Time." The series was broadcast by the Manchete Network.