Italy 2016, 9 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

For us, they are faceless. An unending stream of unidentified men and women fleeing their homeland are squeezed, stamped, dispatched. An African refugee tells his personal story, thereby standing out from the line of silent dolls.


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Director, Editing & Cinematography: Fabio Palmieri
Production: Paola Pontelli
Production Company: Notworking Films
Script: Fabio Palmieri/cyrille Kabore
Soundtrack: Traditional African Music
World Sales: NotWorkingFilms (


FABIO PALMIERI was born in Naples the 22nd December 1974.
2001 - “summa cum laude” degree in painting at the National Fine Art School with a graduation thesis on Stanley Kubrick.
Since 2008 he works as a film/video director.
2010 - he founded the NotWorkingFilms – an independent Film Production Company