Israel 2017, 30 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles

Michal, herself a child of the welfare system, is now a teenage single mother raising her baby daughter, Keren-Or. We accompany Michal on a breathtaking journey as she negotiates seemingly insurmountable obstacles in her efforts to provide her child with the life she never had herself.

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Director, Production, Script, Cinematography & Research: Lihi Sabag
Production Company: Maaleh Film School Jerusalem
Editing: Arik Kaufman
Soundtrack: Idan Rawet
Music: Karni Postel
World Sales: קייטי גרין (


Lihi Sabag was born in Jerusalem and has just completed four years of full time study at the Maaleh Film School. "Keren Or (A Ray of Light)" is her graduating documentary film.