Spain / Iceland / United States 2016, 83 min, Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

Winner of the audience award at IDFA (Amsterdam). Thirty years after leaving the stage, La Chana, the ‘flamenco queen’ of Spain, returns for one last performance, and reflects on her unorthodox, tempestuous life. She never studied dance, but the rhythms she heard on the radio in her youth seeped into her, and she could feel “her body obeying her soul”. This soul demanded that she keep dancing, despite the many obstacles in her path. The woman described as a “force of nature” took the world’s stages by storm with her unique style. Salvador Dalí and Peter Sellers were just two of her thousands of fans. Accompanied by splendid dance sequences from La Chana’s past, the film follows the transformation she goes through when she allows herself to put on her dancing shoes once more.

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  • Fri 12.05 10:00 Cinemateque 3
  • Mon 15.05 10:30 Cinemateque 1
  • Thu 18.05 14:30 Cinemateque 3
Director & Script: Lucija Stojevic
Production: Lucija Stojevic & Deirdre Towers
Production Company: Noon Films, Bless Bless Productions
Editing: Domi Parra
Cinematography: Samuel Navarrete
Music: Ernesto Briceño
World Sales: Catherine Le Clef (


Lucija Stojevic was educated in The University of Edinburgh (Architectural Design) and Prague Film School (Directing and Editing). She has independently produced over 30 short format documentaries for The Guardian, The New York Times and Global Post. La Chana is her first feature documentary.