Israel 2017, 30 min, Hebrew, Hebrew subtitles

A group of special-needs, mentally challenged people, from a “Chimes Israel” daycare center attend a weekly acting workshop with actor Arnon Zadok. The result is a film created entirely by the group, about several characters that present moments from their lives: unfulfilled dreams, fears, and worries. The film shows us a world parallel to ours, but sheds magical light on the truth.

  • Thu 11.05 16:45 Cinemateque 4 Filmmaker Present Free Entrance
Director, Script & Research: Bili Ben Moshe
Production: Shuki Friedman, Doron Eran, Jorge Zimmermann
Production Company: Shuki Friedman Productions, Cinemjet Productions
Editing: Eyal Or, Tali Goldberg, Yoni Cohen
Cinematography: Ali Atrash, Micha Adar, Einav Gotman, Shachar Yeroshlmi, Nadav Genosar
Soundtrack: Rotem Dror, Eran Oron
Music: Uri Benkheltar