Israel 2017, 70 min, Hebrew, English and Tigrinya, Hebrew & English subtitles

MESILA is an informal welfare department for the migrant community in Tel Aviv.
This film depicts the life of this community of mostly asylum seekers from Eritrea, from the perspective of local social workers. The result is a collage of day-to-day scenes representing situations they encounter, in a discreet but intimate look at their work. The story of the community gradually unfolds in a tender look at its challenges, its issues with child-rearing, and its struggle to survive.
Special emphasis is placed on children and makeshift preschools, where MESILA is working to instigate a modicum of change.

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Director, Production, Cinematography & Research: Amikam Goldman
Production Company: Yasmin Films
Script: Amikam Goldman, Itai Onik
Editing: Itai Onik
World Sales: Amikam Goldman - Yasmin Films (


Amikam Goldman is a documentary filmmaker. born in 1973, grew up in Tel Aviv. Studied cinema at The New-School, in New York. Directed & Produced in NYC his independent documentary "NO!art Man". Directed "Long Distance" (DocAviv 2009) and was producer manager of the TV series "Defense Files" (2014).