United States 2017, 82 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

Even the judge who convicted Gypsey Rose of murdering her mother stated: “Things aren’t always as they seem”. This account of Deedee Blanchard’s murder unfolds as a multilayered story, centered on a strange, fraught mother-daughter relationship, and a lot of unanswered questions. How could it be that for 20 years, no one noticed what went on in that house? Did Gypsey Rose, who grew up in a twisted environment, turn into a manipulative monster herself? Who’s the real victim here? And can Gypsey Rose be believed when she says, in her first in-depth interview, with her hands and feet in chains, “I’ve been set free”?

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  • Thu 11.05 13:30 Cinemateque 1
  • Fri 12.05 18:30 Cinemateque 4
Director: Erin Lee Carr
Production: Erin Lee Carr, Andrew Rossi
Production Company: Hbo
Editing: Andrew Coffman
Cinematography: Bryan Sarkinen
Music: Ian Hultquist