Israel 2017, 85 min, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Hindi, Hebrew & English subtitles

A literary-documentary journey into Block 461 in Ma’alot.
The Neighborhood
“This is a tolerant neighborhood, like the seashore. Wave after wave of immigrant families have broken on it for decades.”
“Snow fell in southern Lebanon the day she was born, so they called her Snow-White. The silence of snow falls in her name, with whiteness and purity.”
The Indians
“They’ve solidified into a close group, tuned to a frequency known only to them. They listen constantly to their own songs, as though they were penetrated with the air of the neighborhood.”
“She embraces her notebook, and with its help, as though by magic, she reinvents herself wherever she goes.”
The film presents cooperation and confrontation between documentary expression in film and the literary text written by the novelist Sara Shilo.


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A film by: Yael Kipper, Ronen Zaretzky, Sara Shilo
Directors & Production: Yael Kipper, Ronen Zaretzky
Written by: Sara Silo
Production Company: Turtles Films
Script: Sara Silo, Yael Kipper, Ronen Zaretzky
Chief Editor: Tor Ben Mayor
Editing: Hadara Oren
Cinematography: Uriel Sinai, Ronen Zaretzky
Music: Indian Pop Songs And Classical Piano Pieces


Yael Kipper
Graduate of the Camera Obscura Art School Film and Television Department

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Permission to remember– 2003
The Last Fighters – 2006
If man could fly – 2007
Shining stars – 2011
Child Mother 2016

Ronen Zaretzky
Graduate of the Camera Obscura Art School Film and Television

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Super Women - 2013
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