Germany 2017, 97 min, German, Hebrew & English subtitles

The anarchic spirit of Berlin has a history. After the war, when 50,000 people were arrested for violating “Paragraph 175”, a remnant from darker days when homosexuality was forbidden, a protest movement erupted in the city, paving the way for alternative lifestyles. West Berlin’s abandoned buildings and crumbling alleys allowed men to carry on trysts and relationships away from prying eyes. But this was also the heyday of club scenes, pride parades and male communes. The boom also brought with it subversive art and publications, porn, and cinema, that could not be ignored. The leaders of Berlin’s gay community tell fascinating personal stories, tinged with pain, but they also find great solace in the freedom to be themselves.

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  • Fri 12.05 19:45 Cinemateque 2
    In the presence of the editor Thomas Keller
  • Wed 17.05 21:00 Cinemateque 4
Director, Production & Script: Jochen Hick
Production Company: Galeria Alaska Productions
Editing: Thomas Keller
Cinematography: Alexander Gheorghiu, Jochen Hick
Research: Karl-heinz Steinle, Andreas Strohfeldt
Soundtrack: Westbam, And Other


Jochen Hick studied film at Hamburg's "Hochschule für Bildende Künste". Since 1987 director, author, journalist and producer with a focus on socio-cultural and LGBT topics. 2007-2010 he was deputy programer and editor-in chief at TIMM, the first TV channel for gay men in German-speaking countries.