France 2016, 97 min, English, French and Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

A small clinic in Paris is the scene of a warm, human encounter, free of prejudice or ill will: African and Middle Eastern refugees on one side, and an ill-equipped medical team on the other. The physically and mentally scarred refugees encounter doctors who can’t always help them, or even understand the problem, but can give them warmth, empathy, a smile. A rickety bridge is erected between these two worlds, built on a melange of languages and deep human compassion: A French word here, an English there… These aren’t the refugees huddled behind fences or drowning in the sea. These are the lucky ones who made it, and their request is simple: “Save me”. This is a film about fleeting moments where an open heart can overcome bureaucratic limitations.

Previous Festivals:

Karlovy Vary, Cinema Du Reel, IDFA, London Film Festival BFI, Festival dei Popoli - Firenze


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  • Sun 14.05 19:30 Cinemateque 1
  • Thu 18.05 12:00 Cinemateque 5
Director, Script & Cinematography: Alice Diop
Production: Sophie Salbot
Production Company: Athénaïse
Editing: Amrita David
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After a Master’s in history and a diploma in visual sociology, Alice Diop joined the documentary workshop at the Fémis film school. She has directed many creative documentaries. Her film La mort de Danton won an Award at the Festival du Réel in Paris and the Scam Star in 2012.