Israel 2017, 60 min, Hebrew, No Subtitles

A journey into Israeli children’s literature, featuring its leading figures. Episode 1 returns to the writers and poets who revived Hebrew as a language of stories, playtime, and song, while also creating Israeli childhood as we know it. The episode features Hayim Nahman Bialik, Levin Kipnis, Leah Goldberg, Avraham Shlonsky, and Miriam Yalan-Shteklis, among others. David Grossman, Nurit Zarchi, Meir Shalev, Yehudit Ravitz, Yehonatan Geffen, Chava Alberstein, and others, read the children’s songs and stories, and reminisce about the experiences and emotions behind them. They are also featured in the rest of the episodes, as they trace the development of Israel’s young readers, and Israeli childhood as a whole—without forgetting the illustrators who imbued those books with a sense of magic.

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  • Thu 18.05 21:30 Cinemateque 3 Filmmaker Present
  • Sat 20.05 13:00 Cinemateque 3 Filmmaker Present
Director & Script: Anat Zeltser
Production: Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir
Production Company: Gum Films
Editing: Ayelet Ofarim, Ido Mochrik
Cinematography: Talia (tulik) Galon
Editorial and Research: Shira Perry
Music: Eran Weitz
World Sales: גם סרטים (


Anat Zeltser, born and raised in Tel Aviv, is one of the most acclaimed documentary filmmakers in Israel. For the past two decades she has been creating documentary television, serving as both director and chief-editor, alongside her artistic collaborator Modi Bar-On, who serves as screenwriter and narrator.