Hong Kong / China 2016, 82 min, Chinese, Hebrew & English subtitles

Ten year old Yi-Jie works at a plastic recycling factory, a makeshift workshop where she and her family sort piles of trash imported to China from the West. She spends her childhood in a plastic dumping ground, one of thousands across the country, in what used to be farming villages. Stained magazine clippings and broken toy parts serve as her education, and she dreams of returning home, to the farm she remembers. In contrast, the workshop owner’s son is sent to a real kindergarten since his parents, also hardworking, can allow themselves to dream. These personal stories offer a glimpse into that faraway place that’s drowning in the waste of our affluent society.

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IDFA, Sundance


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  • Tue 16.05 19:30 Cinemateque 1
  • Wed 17.05 12:00 Cinemateque 3
  • Winner - International Competition: Plastic China
    Sat 20.05 15:00 Cinemateque 3
Director & Cinematography: Jiu-liang Wang
Production: Ruby Chen, Benjamin Gt Yue, Cho Liu
Production Company: Cnex Foundation Limited, Beijing Tyc Media, Oriental Companion Media (beijing)
Editing: Jean Tsien, Ace & Bob Lee
Music: Tyler Strickland
World Sales: Tammy Chang (distribution@cnex.com.tw)


From 2007 to 2008, WANG started investigating the landfill pollution around Beijing in 2008. In 2011, he finished Beijing Besieged By Waste, a set of photography work and a documentary with the same name. From 2012 to now, he has been working on the documentary Plastic China.