United States 2017, 105 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

In one of North Philadelphia’s toughest neighborhoods, Christopher (“Quest”) and Christine’a Rainey open a recording studio in their home, and make it available to local artists whose music delivers unflinching social messages. They (barely) keep this enterprise afloat by working menial jobs. The Raineys are part of the rare breed of people who never give up on trying to fix the world, even when faced with plenty of personal hardships and challenges. As parents to a grown son and a teenage daughter, life throws both joy and pain at them, sometimes in heavy doses. The film follows them over ten years, with endearing intimacy, and shows how the Raineys manage to cope without fleeing the neighborhood.

Previous Festivals:

Sundance, Full Frame


  • Mon 15.05 12:00 Cinemateque 3
  • Fri 19.05 18:15 Cinemateque 2
Director & Cinematography: Jonathan Olshefski
Production: Sabrina Schmidt Gordon
Editing: Lindsay Utz
Soundtrack: T. Griffin
Music: Christopher Rainey, Everquest Recordings
World Sales: Submarine Entertainment (josh@submarine.com)


Jon Olshefski is a documentary filmmaker and artist based in Philadelphia. He strives to tell intimate and nuanced stories that honor his subjects’ complexity by employing a production process that emphasizes collaboration, dialogue and relationship to amplify their voices and reflect their points of view in an artful way. Olshefski has an MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University and is currently an Associate Professor of Radio, TV and Film at Rowan University.