Spain 2016, 68 min, English, Latvian and Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

When Hernán and Marta have to spend a long, snowy winter apart, they search for a creative way to stay in each other’s lives. He starts collecting random thoughts and putting together a video diary in an attempt to use art to fill the holes in the fabric of their lives. For their intimacy to survive, he has to patiently and carefully observe the textures and sounds of nature, of buildings, of people he meets, until the foreign environment starts to become familiar. Like a piece of music that develops from one movement to the next, the film—fueled by a deep longing— grows and develops, as the observations, originally meant only for the eyes of a far-off loved one, begins to turn into honest self-observation.


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  • Sun 14.05 15:30 Cinemateque 5
  • Mon 15.05 10:30 Cinemateque 5
Director, Production, Script, Editing & Cinematography: Hernán Talavera
Production Company: Mors Janua Vitae
World Sales: Hernán Talavera (


Hernán Talavera makes his films in the same intimate and lonely way he works on his paintings. After taking his degree in Fine Arts, he expands his studies in workshops with international renowned artists and filmmakers, including Abbas Kiarostami, Bill Viola, Víctor Erice and Antonio López.