Israel 2017, 59 min, Hebrew and Russian, Hebrew & English subtitles

“Stains” takes place between two summers. In the summer of 2008, the director left for Ukraine with her camera to tell a story of abandonment: the relationship of an abandoned daughter and an alcoholic runaway father. But as he started telling his stories of escapes, lies, and life as an anarchist fugitive under Soviet rule, the director’s confrontation with her father turned out to be the story of a man who chose to rebel and live under an assumed identity. With the fall of Communism, something in him fell apart. It is the story of an entire generation of men who became helpless, and turned to alcoholism to try and cope. Eight years later, she returns to him in order to complete the portrait, to understand, and to experience that pain once again.

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Director, Production & Production Company: Ekaterina Diakova
Script: Shimon Spector
Editing: Shimon Spektor
Cinematography: Mika Or, Aleksandra Rahmilevich
Soundtrack: Alex Claude, Daniel Meir
Music: Asaf Manor
World Sales: Ekaterina Diakova (


Yekaterina Diakova, a Kibbotzim College Cinema and Media department graduate was born in 1984 in Ukraine and immigrated to Israel by herself at the age of 17. Over the years, Diakova edited mainly documentary movies and directed two short drama films; Distances (2007) and Tea(2009), participated in Haifa festival.