Netherlands 2016, 72 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

As asylum seekers knock on Europe’s doors, the locals respond with hatred, pity, guilt… but mostly with fear. The foreigners, on the other hand, are convinced that heaven awaits them on the other side of the fence. Three groups of immigrants—having made it to Sicily, await their fate—come face to face with the plainspoken, unapologetic face of Europe: Those who want to send them back, and see no chance of them becoming socially and economically assimilated; those who apologize for colonialism, are convinced that Europe needs new blood, and accept them with open arms; and those who just coldly examine their legal status. This bold, provocative film that opened this year’s IDFA festival, lays bare the range of opinions that makes up current European discourse.

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  • Fri 12.05 12:30 Cinemateque 4
  • Sun 14.05 12:15 Cinemateque 3
Director & Script: Guido Hendrikx
Production: Frank Van Den Engel
Production Company: Zeppers Film
Editing: Lot Rossmark
Cinematography: Emo Weemhoff
Music: Ella Van Der Woude, Juho Nurmela
World Sales: CAT&Docs / Catherine Le Clef (


Guido Hendrikx studied Liberal Arts & Sciences (Utrecht University) and Directing Documentary (Netherlands Film Academy). His shorts Escort (2013) and Among Us (2014), made during film school, screened extensively in international festivals winning numerous awards. Stranger In Paradise, which opened IDFA 2016, is his feature debut.