United Kingdom 2016, 117 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

In 1990s England, Oasis was the name on everybody’s lips. The band’s three consecutive hit albums made the Gallagher brothers superstars. Liam and Noel, who were born in a Manchester council estate to a violent father and a runaway mother, ran the group like two prime ministers in a constant power struggle. The fans went wild, the tabloids ran amuck, and the Gallaghers delivered: fights, drugs, sex, swagger (once sticking a statuette up their behinds at the Brit awards) but also lots of talent. From home movies to concert footage in front of hundreds of thousands, Liam and Noel are revealed in all their funny, biting, and belligerent glory: “Even if we were fishmongers, we’d hit each other over the head with a haddock every now and then.”

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    DJ's: Dana Kessler & Yashiv Cohen
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  • Thu 18.05 22:00 Cinemateque 1
Director: Mat Whitecross
Production: Fiona Neilson, Simon Halfon, James Gay Rees
Production Company: Mint Pictures, Nemperor, On The Corner Films
Editing: Paul Monaghan
World Sales: Independent Film Sales (mail@independentfilmcompany.com)


A former editor for Michael Winterbottom on 9 Songs and Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, he then co-directed The Road to Guantanamo, sharing the Silver Bear at Berlin for Best Director in 2006, and The Shock Doctrine, a 2009 documentary adaptation of Naomi Klein’s controversial book. That same year he travelled to Thailand to film Moving to Mars, a documentary about Karen refugees fleeing from Burma to the UK, which won the Grierson Award for Best Documentary in 2010. He also diversified into music videos for such artists as Coldplay, The Rolling Stones and Jay-Z. His first solo fiction feature, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, told the surreal story of punk legend Ian Dury. 2012 brought SPIKE ISLAND, a coming-of-age drama set against the backdrop of the Stone Roses' era- defining gig. 2014 saw the release of FLEMING, a 4-part TV drama about the life of the Bond author, starring Dominic Cooper.