Israel 2016, 71 min, Hebrew, English and German, Hebrew subtitles

Wilfrid Israel, the owner of Berlin’s largest department store, was one of the great saviors of Jews who initiated the Kindertransport operation that rescued thousands of Jewish children from Nazi Germany.
Einstein described him as the noblest man he had ever met, Buber and Weizmann were among his closest friends, and yet, his story was kept secret for decades. Why? What was there to hide?
This story becomes very personal as filmmaker Yonatan Nir discovers a secret from his family’s past that helps him solve the mystery of this forgotten hero, and the reasons for his disappearance from history.

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Director & Script: Yonatan Nir
Production: Noam Shalev, Yonatan Nir, Ophir Baer
Production Company: Highlight Films Ltd
Editing: Tal Brog, Shlomi Shalom
Cinematography: Yoav Kleinman
Research: Naomi Shepherd, Dr. Ilan Baer, Holger Schwarting
Soundtrack: Avi Mizrachi
Music: Issar Shulamn
World Sales: היילייט סרטים בע"מ (


Yonatan Nir produced and directed Dolphin Boy - broadcasted in more than twenty countries.
It was premiered at HotDocs and received numerous awards.
Yonatan directed "Cutting the Pain" (Haifa international Film Festival, CH2), and is currently in post-production with "AMOS – The impossible shot" (France Televisions/NDR/ARD co-production).
Yonatan produced and directed "My Hero Brother" (2016 ) which premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival and won the "best documentary award" and the "Audience choice award" at the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival.