Finland / Bulgaria 2016, 80 min, Bulgarian, Hebrew & English subtitles

A postman in a small Bulgarian village, near the Turkish border, comes up with a revolutionary idea: Why not invite the fleeing Syrian refugees, who sneak through the village every night, to stay in some of the village’s many abandoned houses? The timing of this idea, during the local elections, turns the lives of the village’s 50 remaining residents into a kind of absurdist play; Election campaigns are run as if the fate of humanity lies in the balance, and the sleepy rural community that doesn’t even have internet access, gets a rare opportunity to change the world. This bittersweet film reveals the human impulses behind a bizarre controversy.

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IDFA, Sundance


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  • Sun 14.05 17:30 Cinemateque 1
  • Thu 18.05 15:00 Cinemateque 1
Director & Cinematography: Tonislav Hristov
Production: Kaarle Aho
Production Company: Making Movies Oy
Script: Tonislav Hristov, Lubomir Tsvetkov
Editing: Nikolai Hartmann
Music: Petar Doundakoff
World Sales: Catherine Le Clef (


Tonislav Hristov is a crazy Bulgarian guy who moved to Finland and started to make films. His work includes: RULES OF SINGLE LIFE (2011), SOUL FOOD STORIES (2013), LOVE & ENGINEERING (2014) and ONCE UPON A DREAM (2015).