Chile / Netherlands / France 2016, 82 min, Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

They’re sick of school, which is understandable, since they’ve been attending it for almost 40 years. Anita, Andres, Rita and Ricardo, all have Down syndrome. They’re in early middle age, but society still treats them like children, despite the fact that they dream of having what they call “a normal life”.
Director Maite Alberdi, whose captivating “Tea Time” screened at Docaviv 2015, lets these charismatic protagonists take center stage, and walks us through their relationships, which range from mature to childlike. They display emotional depth, a sense of humor, and a surprising self-awareness. But the other adults in their lives seem to miss what the camera clearly sees, until their desire to protect them becomes an unintentional tool of oppression.

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  • Sun 14.05 14:00 Cinemateque 3
  • Sat 20.05 10:30 Cinemateque 2
Director & Script: Maite Alberdi
Production: Maite Alberdi, Denis Vaslin, Fleur Knopperts, Sebastián Brahm
Production Company: Micromundo Producciones, Volya Films, Mandra Films
Editing: Juan Eduardo Murillo, Menno Boerema
Cinematography: Pablo Valdés
Music: Miguel Miranda
World Sales: Catherine Le Clef (


As a director she has developed a highly particular style thot achieves an intimate portrayal of the characters she works with, through everyday stories in small-scale worlds. ln 2011 she premiered at IDFA her first feature film "The Lifeguard". In 2014, she directed the multi-awarded film "Tea Time"