Israel 2017, 58 min, Hebrew, Arabic, English, French and German, Hebrew & English subtitles

An Island of compassion and grace stands in the center of Jerusalem, on the tense line between east and west, opposite the old city walls.
The French Hospital St. Louis is a historical building painted with blue windows and marked with bullet holes, run by nuns and functions as a hospice for the terminally ill. The walls of the hospital are decorated with drawings and mosaics dating from the 19th century, resembling the vast and complex human diversity of those who populate the hospital and the city of Jerusalem.

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Director, Production, Production Company, Script, Cinematography, Research & Music: Adam Weingrod
Editing: Katia Shepeliavaya
Soundtrack: Rotem Dror (sound Design)
World Sales: Adam weingrod (


Adam is a graduate of the MFA program in Film from the Tel Aviv university. "Fanjoya" (17min, fiction) won the audience award at the Student Film Festival. Currently working on his second documentary "Song of the Sampugita" that was developed in the Gesher fund and The Documentary Forum Lab.