Israel 2016, 54 min, Hebrew and Italian, Hebrew subtitles

Antonio Caeiro was a local legend. Escaping from a British POW camp in Mandatory Palestine, he was taken in by the local Jewish farmers from Gan Shomron. Although originally a Catholic boy who enlisted in Mussolini’s army, he cooperated with the efforts to fight against the British and after the Israeli War of Independence converted to Judaism and married Hannah, a Jewish woman whose family was originally from Iraq. His 25 years as a member of the Gan Shomron farm were filled with conflict, which eventually led him to go back to Cupertino in Italy. He died there and was buried in a Christian cemetery in his village. But his widow “steals” his body and brings him back for burial in Israel.

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Director: Ran Edelist
Production: Yehuda Bitton&ruth Diskin‎‏
Production Company: Bitton Yehuda Production-josianne Meitar
Script: Ran Edelist & Micha Shagrir
Editing: Yuval Otzar & Hadara Oren
Cinematography: Meni Elias
Research: Ran Edelist & Micha Shagrir &yehuda Bitton
Soundtrack: Eyal Kulish
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