Israel 2017, 75 min, Hebrew, Hebrew & English subtitles

When El-Ad was small, his mother told him: “Raising you is like raising three kids.” Ever since that moment, he felt guilty for being deaf, and tried extra hard to be like everyone else. He became even more alienated after the tragic death of his mother and the breakdown of his family. El-Ad later started a family of his own, becoming a father through a shared parenting arrangement with his friend Yaeli, who’s also deaf, surrounded by their deaf friends. The film is his first-person account of the life he created for himself, and his attempt to show viewers his version of family and parenthood.

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Directors: Elad Cohen, Iris Ben Moshe
Production & Production Company: Nati Adler
Script & Research: Elad Cohen
Editing: Iris Ben Moshe
Cinematography: Iris Ben Moshe, Elad Cohen, Avigail Shperber
Music: Kobi Vitman
World Sales: Nati Adler (


graduate of the Bezalel Acadamey for Art and Design , is a cameraman and illustrator, and an actor in children's plays at the "Na Lagaat" Center. During the last few years Elad has participated in documentary filmmaking courses, following which he has initiated and created this documentary film.

Iris Ben Moshe, 28, is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University Cinema department in the production course and an MA student of gender studies. Nowadays she deals with directing, editing shooting and line producing. In addition, she has served as an interpreter in Israeli sign language for seven years.