Israel 2016, 30 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

The story Sami’s face doesn’t tell is told by the farm he built in the desert, where he lives. Sami’s moods change like the seasons. His years-long loneliness, longing, fear, and hope, are reflected by the countless letters he keeps in a cardboard box in his room—all meant for one recipient, one woman.

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Director, Script & Research: Nir Dvortchin
Production: Hila Amir, Nir Dvortchin
Production Company: Sapir College
Editing: Niv Samban
Cinematography: Anatoliy Radchenko
Soundtrack: Dan Ben Haim, Mark Melamed, Tzvi Forer
Music: Tzvi Forer
World Sales: Oriana Ben-Abba (


Nir Dvortchin is an Israeli film maker from jerusalem. In the past four years he lived in the south of Israel and completed his BFA in The School of Audio and Visual Arts in Sapir College. "Turn Over The Stones" , is Nir graduation film.