France 2016, 77 min, Russian, Hebrew & English subtitles

Yulia and Katia live in a world straight out of a horror novel from another century: North Siberia’s neuropsychiatric institute, a closed facility, where most patients are unable even to communicate. Both arrived as abandoned girls, and here, in the only home they have ever known, all of their basic freedoms have been taken away. But this is also the only place where they’ve received love and affection. Yulia and Katia dream of having independent lives, getting an education, working, earning a living, and starting families. Through their encounters with the Kafkaesque Russian bureaucracy and legal system in Siberia, they find in themselves a personal strength they never knew existed.

Previous Festivals:

Visions Du Reel

  • Tue 16.05 12:00 Cinemateque 3
  • Wed 17.05 14:45 Cinemateque 4
Director, Script & Cinematography: Alexander Kuznetsov
Production: Rebecca Houzel
Production Company: Petit À Petit Production
Editing: Alexander Abaturov
Soundtrack: Jeanne Delplancq
World Sales: Wide House (


Alexander Kuznetsov work's as a photographer was published in many magazines and exhibited in Russia (Russian Museum Of Saint Petersburg),Norway, France, the U.S.A. and Germany. He begins his cinematographic carreer in 2009 by participating in a writing residence in Krasnoyarsk. He directed his first ocumentary in 2010 : “Territory of Love” which was screened in France, at Lussas “Etats Généraux du Documentaire” and at the Honfleur Russian Cinema Festival, as well as in Russia (Artdocfest Festival, Moscow). In 2014, he finished his second movie, "Territory of Freedom" which was premiered in the official competition in Visions du Réel (Switzerland) and theatrical released in february 2015 and which won the award of Documentaire sur Grand Écran at the Amiens Festival. "We'll be
alright" is his third film and will be screen as a world premiere in the Feature International Competition in Visions du Réel Festival (Switzerland).