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75 Inhabitants, 20 Houses, 300 Cows

A fascinating, picturesque cinematic journey through artist Nicolás Rubió’s attempts to recreate the enchantment of his childhood on canvas.

A Milk Well. Mid Town [Part One: "Indoors"]

The intimate and poetic world of a group of young poets whose poetry offers us a different way of life.


A fascinating visual journey into the European night, where the artificial lights and surveillance technologies create a new form of night life.

About Canto

A film that endeavors to understand how Canto Ostinato, the work of contemporary Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt, has won so many fans who believe the work has changed their lives forever.

After the Crash

Notes on the economy of gravity.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Ai Weiwei is one of the most significant artists active today. His provocative works and insightful and frequent commentary online have earned him an enthusiastic following, but also led Chinese authorities to place him under house arrest. The portrait of a visionary artist, an original thinker and revolutionary who blurs the distinction between art and activism.

At the Stairs

A Hindu widow spends the remainder of her days in Varanasi (Banaras) in India, waiting for her death rituals, funeral pyre and liberation from the cycle of life and rebirth.


In south Bangladesh, a small island in danger of submersion is populated by 65 women who earn their living as sex workers. In this nightmarish existence they struggle to maintain their humanity.


The story of one of the most influential, path-breaking bands in the history of hip-hop, including archive material and interviews with genre greats.

BERT STERN, Original MadMan

Bert Stern is one of the first photographers to become a star in his own right. An intimate portrait of the bad boy of the advertising world, who immortalized Marilyn Monroe just months before her tragic death.


Opposing traditional violent and oppressive training techniques, Buck Brannaman developed a horse training approach based on communication and mutual trust, which affects horse owners no less than it affects horses.


The film of Emmy winner Lee Hirsch puts a human face on statistics of the rising frequency of bullying in American schools and shows why a national movement calls for urgent treatment of the problem.

Back to the Square

Five personal stories expose post revolution Egypt as an arena of fear and uncertainty combined with an unswerving commitment to protest.

Believe In Miracles

A harsh personal story that documents the director’s relationship with her heroin-addicted brother.

Better This World

What led to the arrest of two young idealists, human rights activists, for planning a terrorist attack on the Republican National Convention in 2008?

Bill Cunningham New York

Now in his eighties, the legendary New York Times fashion photographer never stops; but behind the glamorous photographs is a modest man who devotes his life to his work.

But Why Did You Dance Naked?

What is this woman hiding from her man? Telltale video cassettes reveal buried secrets in a dark psychological portrait.


Hollywood giants like Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola come together to honor Roger Corman, the producer who gave them their first break; a central figure in the rise of American independent filmmaking, and legendary director of blood-soaked trash films.

Carte Blanche

Close and revealing surveillance of the activities of those responsible for preparing cases for the International Criminal Court in Hague.

Chronicle of Oldřich S.

An animated film based on the one sentence chronicles written daily by Oldrich Sedlacek, where he meticulously documented his life story and the history of his surroundings.

Cinema Jenin

An ambitious initiative to re-open an abandoned cinema in the West Bank city of Jenin offers a complex gaze on the city and on the dedicated and sometimes conflicted group of people who follow this dream.

The Contest

An observation of several gifted pianists a moment before they take the stage to participate in the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition.

The Cripple and the Buddhist

After a separation of over a decade, the film’s director tries to rehabilitate his disabled childhood friend, who suffered a head injury, in order to clear his conscience. A moving and humorous friendship between two men who want to change their lives.


The only living permanent residents of the largest cemetery in Moldova are the gravediggers. An observation of their daily routine paints a metaphor of human existence.


In 2006 Joyce Vincent’s body was found in her apartment, three years after her death. Who was this young woman and why was there no one to report her disappearance? A tale of loneliness and alienation in the big city.

Dangerous Children

Dangerous children, subjected in youth to severe domestic violence and abuse, turn it against their own spouses and children in maturity. Can the cycle of violence be broken by means of a unique rehabilitation program?


With a dreamy yet melancholic gaze, the film wanders along the abandoned urban and industrial architecture, and follows local protagonists who still believe in the future of a city that keeps diminishing.

Dirty Laundry

Yael refuses to be a victim and unprecedentedly sues her father for sexual abuse.


The story of designers Charles and Ray Eames, who designed the famous “Eames Chair” and founded one of the most influential studios of American modernism.


Neel, a 50 year old mother of three, has only a year to live, but she is determined to enjoy her remaining days and prove to herself and her family that despite everything, one can and should meet death with peace and acceptance.


In the work “Echo” , Evron addresses the history of the Israeli textile industry. The video is comprised of television archival materials that document the protests and rallies of the "ATA" workers against the closing of the Kiryat Ata factory in 1985.

The Education of Auma Obama

An intimate portrait of President Obama’s half-sister, a feminist artist and intellectual, that reveals the history of the family and of Africa.


The film, winner of the Danish Academy Award for Best Short Documentary, follows the daily life of Fini, the director’s 85 year old grandfather who has Alzheimer’s, with humor and compassion.

First Position

A year in the lives of six young ballet dancers (ages 9-19) who come to participate in one of the most prestigious competitions in the field.

Food of the Earth

The story of the olive tree, the oldest tree in Israel, a symbol of peace, conflict and the Mediterranean cuisine.

From the Sky Down

On the 20th anniversary of U2’s innovative album Achtung Baby, Oscar winning director Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) joins the band to recreate the making of the album and the circumstances that led to its recording.


age 70 Sidrídur Nílsdóttir began recording original music at home. Equipped only with an old Casio organ and tape recorder, the energetic composer recorded 700 songs in seven years, becoming a cult figure in Iceland.

Gerhard Richter Painting

A rare and intimate look into the work process of one of the world’s most significant living painters.

Girl Model

A revealing look at the model industry that connects Siberia and Tokyo and sends 13 year old girls on a hopeless quest for the limelight and riches.


Gracie came to Israel to look for work 20 years ago, since then she has lived with a split identity: half Filipina – half Israeli. Her deepest desire is to create a real home for herself and her Israeli children.


Carrying only a backpack and a camera, the filmmaker hikes through France from South to North, asking the people he meets on the way “What is happiness?” A road trip film at a walking pace.


A breathtaking overview of the work of Norman Foster, one of the world’s foremost contemporary architects, whose designs include the Reichstag in Berlin, London City Hall and the Beijing Airport.

Hearts and Crafts - The People that Make Hermès

A look into the workshops of Hermès fashion house and the artisans responsible for its luxurious products.

Home Movie

The meaning of a home for a family of immigrants. The apartment where they struck roots is the last thing that holds the family together. But now they are faced with the dilemma of keeping it or not. The decision is postponed until renovations are completed.


Five women who underwent sex reassignment surgery in the 1950's describe the way it changed their lives and talk about the experience of unavoidable aging.

I Will Forget This Day

Women sit in a waiting room. Their faces and body language express sorrow, fear and repression. What are the thoughts and feelings of women before an abortion?

The Interrupters

Esteemed director Steve James’s film follows three protagonists with a violent past who decided to channel their street smarts towards a new goal – preventing violence through direct intervention in the community.

Ivan and Ivana

A young couple escapes the horrors of war in Kosovo and immigrates to the U.S. only to become a victim of the economic crisis, which turns the American dream into a nightmare.

Keep Me Upright

Diagnosed in childhood with scoliosis, the director’s attitude towards her body was split, sometimes amusing and sometimes distressing. Through a witty cinematic diary, weaving animation with documentation, she tries to find words to fit her symptoms and give visual expression to her situation.

The Last Dogs of Winter

Brian Ladoon, the Canadian Eskimo Dog’s best friend, devotes his life to saving the breed from extinction.

The Light In Her Eyes

The film tells the story of Houda al-Habash, who established a Muslim school for girls in Damascus, and provides a rare peek at the underlying currents foreshadowing the uprising.

The Loving Story

Mildred and Richard Loving went to the Supreme Court in 1967 to strike down the law against interracial marriage that defined their love as a crime.


A retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (2010) is the background for a cinematic journey into the world of Marina Abramović, an artist ? for whom the accepted borders between art and life do not apply.


Visual research of Dubai and the contradictory perspectives that constitute it: empty urban spaces against crowded labor camps, extravagant resorts of investors faced with the chilling loneliness of workers, the modern city and the desert from which it emerged.


A poetic documentary which draws the portrait of a man living in seclusion and ponders on the human hierarchy of needs.

The Magic Trip

A look at the journey of author Ken Kesey (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) and his friends, who documented their experiences with hallucinogenic drugs in 1964, while travelling cross country and meeting the cultural heroes of the time.


He loved women, marijuana and football and was one of the prominent supporters of the Rastafari movement. But most of all, he loved music. The most comprehensive film on Bob Marley, from award-winning director Kevin Macdonald.

The Masada Opera

While visitors to the summit of Masada are moved by the story of the collective suicide, tractors at the foothills transform the land in preparation for the performance of Nabucco.


A seemingly innocent comic documentary about a man's quest for peace and quiet in a noisy city.

One Day After Peace

Robi Damelin, who lost her son during his service in the Occupied Territories, journeys to South Africa to learn about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, seeking a solution of forgiveness and reconciliation.


IDFA Best Feature-Length Award Winner "Planet of Snail" offers a captivating look at the lives of Young-Chan and Soon-Ho: he is blind and deaf and dreams of being an author writing in Braille; she is the angel who can help make this dream a reality.


A famous painting of Egon Schiele was held by New York authorities for an unprecedented 13 years, following a legal battle between the Leopold Museum in Vienna and a Jewish family, from whom the Nazis had confiscated the painting in 1939.

Pinpoint of Light

Love and terror, life and death, commitment and the longing for a child.


Three generations of a family in Metula, two wars and one boyfriend waiting in Tel Aviv. A troubling portrait of the film’s director as a reserve soldier who tries to avoid anything that may threaten his free will.


An unsettling relationship unfolds as the director confronts the man who sexually abused him at an ultra-Orthodox boarding school.

Rafi Bukaee, My Father

10 year old Guy Bukaee never knew his father, the influential filmmaker Rafi Bukaee. Now he is becoming acquainted with him through this moving, dramatic documentary journey.


In the beautiful Georgian landscape, an inspirational meditative look at Ramin, an ex-wrestler whose body may be old but his spirit is young and full of life.

The Real Social Network

A moment before the “Arab Spring” and global protests for social justice, the protest of British university students at the end of 2010 already made use of the techniques that heralded last year’s world wide wave of protest.


A crowd of tense and excited young people arrive to audition for the Polish Academy of Arts. A mosaic of the applicants' preparations creates a cinematic composition of movement, sound and plenty of excitement.

Red Shirley

On the eve of her 100th birthday, Shirley Novick meets with her rock musician cousin Lou Reed to talk about the past.

The Reluctant Revolutionary

Director Sean McAllister arrived in Yemen as a tourist, but left with intense footage from the heart of the revolution. Kais, the local tour guide who accompanies him, is at first disparaging of the protesters, but the rising violence of the authorities gradually changes his views.

Remind Me Who I Am

When Nissim Aharon was fired from his job, he fainted and lost his memory. 42 years of his life have been erased, as if they never existed.


A quiet and meticulous observation of rehearsals for a military ceremony intended to receive the body of the President of the Polish Republic, killed in a plane crash in 2010.


Ruth Flez devoted her life to the care of the elderly. At the age of 85 she moves into the senior citizen's home she founded and confronts the changes and partings of old age.


French chef Michel Bras, whose restaurant boasts three stars in the ultimate restaurant guide Michelin, decides to hand the throne over to his son Sebastian, and viewers get an insider's look at the art of their cuisine.


In 1995, short months before he became Apple CEO and revolutionized the world media market, Steve Jobs gave an hour long interview describing his visionthat would later revolutionize the media market. The interview, thought to be lost, was finally recovered and is fully shown here.

Safe Harbour

Artist Honi HaMe’agel’s daily observations on citizens of the Tel Aviv nation show physiological, ideological and climatic changes, which may be due to extreme exposure to the sun.

Someone to Hum With

One night, a weekly national radio show, five listeners hum their emotions and troubles until sunrise...

The Fable of the Bees

The Fable of the Bees is a 1705 poem by Bernard Mandeville which presents the counter-intuitive argument that so-called vices such as egoism or greed stimulate social prosperity, whilst altruism or honesty result in collective atavism and disinvestment.

The Invisible Men

An untold side of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Gay Palestinians, Louie, Abdu and Fares, hide in Tel Aviv and must remain 'the invisible men' until they escape.

Tonia and Her Children

Years after the death of their mother, a WWII Jewish Communist activist, Werka and Marcel try to decipher her mysterious character and the ways in which her choices and ideology shaped their destiny.

Treasure Hunt

A 32 year-old kid sets out to rebuild his family, only to find that it is not that simple.


25 years after the release of his album “Graceland”, that generated political uproar at the time, Paul Simon reunites with the South African musicians who participated in its creation for a tribute concert in Johannesburg.

Unfinished Spaces

Cuba, 1961. Young architects are invited to design an ambitious project intended to express the spirit of freedom and equality of the revolution. Today, the Cuban government invites this group once more – to complete the project that was interrupted by the political reality of the time.


A spectacular visual overview examines the future of the city as a major challenge humanity faces, through the vision of top international urban designers: architects, engineers, intellectuals and policy makers.


In addition to surveying the sophisticated techniques that allow giants like Apple, Google and General Electric to avoid paying taxes, the film also follows a small protest group whose demand for a change in tax policy eventually becomes part of the mass protest “Occupy Wall Street”.

The Way Back

From the gutters of New York to a small neighborhood in Jaffa, from the memory of a daughter she has not seen for 25 years to her great love for a spiritual leader: Rivka Zohar is on her way home.

White Nights

The illegal night journey of Palestinian women into Israel. Every night they march, crawling on the ground through a hole in the fence and into Jerusalem, where they go to work in order to support their children.

Words of Witness

Heba (22) lives in Cairo and reports for “Al-Masry Al-Youm” from the streets of the city following the revolution. The challenges she faces illuminate the current situation in Egypt from a unique perspective.

marxism today (prologue)

Artist Phil Collins shines a light on what is generally perceived as the losing side in the political and social upheavals of the past two decades.

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