High Tech, Low Life

United States 2012, 88 min, English and Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew & English subtitles

An intimate, revealing look at two journalists active in the Chinese blogosphere. They must avoid the censor's watchful eye as they cross the country in search of cases of social injustice ignored by the mainstream media. Armed with cell phones and digital cameras, they each function as one man news bureaus. The blogger known as "Tiger Temple" (age 57) is committed to serving rural communities abandoned by a bloated bureaucracy. Blogger "Zola" (age 27) sees his hard-hitting journalism as a chance to win fame and success, even if this puts him into conflict with his traditional family. By showing the generation gap dividing its protagonists, this film offers a fascinating, rich perspective on today's China and on the future of journalism in the 21st century.

High Tech, Low Life website

Director & Cinematography: Stephen Maing
Production: Stephen Maing, Trina Rodriguez
Production Company: Mud Horse Pictures, Llc
Script: N/a
Editing: Stephen Maing, Jonathan Oppenheim
Research: Zoe Meng Jiang, Xiao Chen
Music: Kevin Micka, Brendon Anderegg, Brad Hyland
Print Source: Mud Horse Pictures, LLC (hightechlowlifefilm@gmail.com)
  • Thu 2/5 19:15, Cinemateque 1
  • Tue 7/5 15:45, Cinemateque 3

Director CV

Stephen Maing is a New York based filmmaker. He is a fellow of the Sundance Institute's Documentary Film Program and a grant recipient of the MacArthur Foundation, New York State Council on the Arts, and the Independent Television Service. He co-produced and edited the award-winning documentary Lioness, which had its broadcast premiere on PBS’s Independent Lens and directed the narrative film Little Hearts. His recent film High Tech, Low Life won Best Documentary awards at the Independent Film Festival of Boston and the Little Rock Film Festival, and Best Cinematography at the Woods Hole Film Festival. Stephen works on documentary and narrative films and teaches summer classes in documentary cinematography at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

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