India 2012, 84 min, English, Hebrew & English subtitles

This comprehensive investigation shows how Western pharmaceutical companies kept millions of HIV carriers in impoverished nations from receiving cheaper treatments. Standing up to the international lobby that backs these major drug companies is a small but determined group of activists, who fight back. It seemed that the AIDS virus's deadly legacy could have been a thing of the past with new treatments developed as early as 1996. The problem was the exorbitant cost, which kept the medication out of reach for many in the developing world. Even with so many lives in the balance, "Big Pharma" fought to prevent the manufacture of cheaper generic drugs. This film gives a broad forum to the handful of people who pour all their efforts into fighting this phenomenon.


Director & Script: Dylan Mohan Gray
Production: Dylan Mohan Gray, Christopher Hird (exec)
Production Company: Sparkwater
Editing: Dylan Mohan Gray, Christopher Seward
Cinematography: Jay Odedra
Music: Ashutosh Phatak
Print Source: Sparkwater India (
  • Mon 6/5 16:15, Cinemateque 3
  • Thu 9/5 11:45, Cinemateque 1

Director CV

Dylan Mohan Gray is a Mumbai-based filmmaker. Trained as a historian, FIRE IN THE BLOOD is his first feature-length production as writer-director after more than a dozen years in the international film industry working in close collaboration with many celebrated directors.

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