Before The Revolution

Israel 2013, 60 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

On the eve of the 1979 revolution, thousands of Israelis were living in Tehran, benefiting from a special relationship with the Shah's regime. They lived a life of wealth and luxury, thanks to their extensive business contacts and enormous arms deals, without realizing that the corrupt and oppressive regime that harbored them was collapsing. It was almost too late before these Israelis realized that their Iranian paradise was turning into hell.
Using rare archival footage and the testimonies of diplomats, Mossad agents, businessmen and their wives, the director, whose family was part of that community, offers a new perspective on the revolution that changed the world. What begins as a nostalgic reflection on days past turns into a suspenseful account of how big dreams were shattered in a dim reality of greed, power and sheer blindness.

Before The Revolution website

A film by: Dan Shadur & Barak Heymann
Director & Research: Dan Shadur
Production: Barak Heymann
Associate Producer: Dan Shadur
Production Company: Heymann Brothers Films
Editing: Nili Feller
Cinematography: Itai Marom, Itai Neeman
Music: Ishai Adar
Creative Advisor: Ran Tal
Print Source: Heymann Brothers Films (
  • Tue 7/5 19:30, Cinemateque 3with the filmmaker
  • Sat 11/5 20:30, Cinemateque 3with the filmmaker

Director CV

במאי, תסריטאי, ועיתונאי. למד בחוג לקולנוע באוניברסיטת תל אביב, שם ביים מספר סרטים קצרים. "לפני המהפכה" הוא סרטו הארוך הראשון.

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