Austria 2002, 90 min, German, Hebrew & English subtitles

Austria, 2000. For the first time since World War II, a far-right party joins the ruling coalition. In response, German artist Christoph Schlingensief places dozens of cameras and an industrial container with twelve foreigners seeking asylum in Austria in the middle of Vienna's tourist district. Mimicking reality shows, Schlingensief asks the audience at home to decide every day which would be thrown out of Austria. The last person left would be allowed to stay. Within a few days, this artistic provocation becomes the focus of a stormy and sometimes violent public debate about Austria's policies toward foreigners. Director Paul Poet turns the events into a fascinating film, which not only relays the drama surrounding the project, but also exposes the xenophobia and racism that continue to reside in the heart of a Western democracy.


Director, Production & Script: Paul Poet
Production Company: Bonus Film
Editing: Oliver Neumann
Cinematography: Robert Winkler, Mario Sternisa, Sandra Umathum, Paul Poet
Print Source: Filmgalerie 451, Berlin (World Distribution) (
  • Fri 3/5 14:15, Cinemateque 2with the filmmaker
  • Wed 8/5 12:15, Cinemateque 2

Director CV

Paul Poet is a Saudi-Arabia born Austrian Director in the realm of Cinema, Theatre, TV, as well as media scientist, curator and journalist. As denizen of the Vienna punk and electronica underground, he started being filmmaker in 1996. His most known works are FOREIGNERS OUT! (2002) and EMPIRE ME (2011).

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