In the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, a skyscraper intended for commerce has become the tallest home for squatters in the world. Though a central committee tends to the basic needs of the 700 families that live there, some people claim that criminal elements are actually behind the project.

A Cow's Life

Cows are the only heroes of this film, which combines stunning beauty and restraint with a huge commitment to animals. Meticulously beautiful cinematography draws the audience into the real life of cows. They graze, chew their cuds and stare all around. At the same time they also experience emotions. They moo in agony, enjoy a chance fruit and build loving ties with their offspring.

A Girl Like Her

Back in the 1950's and 1960's, over a million women in the U.S. were forced to give their children up for adoption because they were conceived out of wedlock. Archival materials from that era are combined with the women's firsthand accounts of rejection, helplessness and a sense of loss that never goes away.

The Absence of Shadow

Set against the backdrop of Vietnamese vistas, captured in mesmerizing black and white, a man who went blind as a boy during the Vietnam War describes how his blindness became his inspiration to be a writer.

The Act of Killing

A chilling, original film that makes a strange request of the war criminals who took part in Indonesia's military coup. They are asked to play themselves and their victims in dramatic cinematic recreations of the atrocities they committed half a century ago.

Before The Revolution

It's hard to imagine now, but thousands of Israelis once lived in Tehran, benefiting from a special relationship with the Shah's regime. It was almost too late when they realized the corrupt regime they were relying on was falling apart.

Beware of Mr. Baker

The story of legendary drummer Ginger Baker (Cream). Known as "the maddest of madman", this infamous pioneer of rock 'n' roll played with all the greats, did every imaginable drug and crossed all continents.

Blood Brother

When Rocky Braat first came to India as an American backpacker, he never imagined all the difficulties he would encounter, or the love he would find there. Meeting a group of HIV-infected kids, he decided to devote his life to them. But will he be allowed to stay with the children he has come to love?

Bois d'Arcy

Son of Algerian immigrants, the director of this film returns to the little middle-class town where he grew up. Set against the backdrop of a nearby forest and the neat grid of empty streets, he discusses the racist atmosphere that pervaded even the smallest moments of his childhood.

Breaking the Wall

The life story of Vicki Shiran is also the story of the rise, and some say the fall, of the social struggle for equality that characterized Israel in the past 30 years.


In this cinematic tribute, four people with a special place in their hearts for the cello take the viewer on a musical journey with the one instrument that has the most human shape, girth and richness of sound.


The mythological commander of the Israeli army's Independence Day National Ceremony is about to face the ceremony that will change his life.

Camp 14 - Total Control Zone

The unbearably brutal story of Shin Dong-Huyk. Born and raised as a "political prisoner" in a North Korean labor camp, at age 23 he manages to escape and tell the world about the horrors which still take place there.

Casting By

The fascinating and little known history of Hollywood casting directors, as told by Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Glenn Close, Woody Allen and many others.

Charles Bradley: Soul of America

The story of Charles Bradley, who was 63 when his debut album made it onto Rolling Stone's top 50 albums of the year. just before that, He was still living with his mother in the Brooklyn projects, struggling to survive with dignity.

Cutting Loose

A glimpse at the harsh life inside a Scottish prison and at how the "best prison haircut" can change some prisoners' lives by giving them a new sense of purpose as they prepare for their release.

Dancing Alone

After years of detachment, the director reunites with her family. Through this charged but poetic portrait she attempts to see whether they can still share their lives despite a history of suffering and abuse.

Dancing in Jaffa

Renowned ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine applies his belief that dance can overcome political and cultural differences to 11 year old Jewish and Palestinian Israelis. over the course of a 4 month program her achieves a magical transformation.

Dans l'atelier de Chris Marker

Distinguished filmmaker Agnès Varda ("The Gleaners and I") pays a visit to esteemed master Chris Marker.

Danube Hospital

With meticulous footage of the various departments, surgical procedures, workshops, equipment rooms and human circumstances, celebrated director Nikolaus Geyrhalter offers a fascinating personal visual investigation of one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in the world.

Dear Valued Guests

Just one week before an American motel from the 1960's is slated to be torn down, an artists' collective takes over the site. Together with the remaining staff, the group resurrects the bizarre memories that the site still holds.

Demeter's Spring

The film draws a portrait of a cemetery during one year as it withers and blooms again.


A special relationship between the director and a woman who lives alone in a remote cabin in the woods starts off with a string of curses and obscenities but ends with a friendshipmingled with suspicion. A humorous but penetrating reflection on the charged relationship between the documentary filmmaker and his subject.

Dove's Cry

This is the story of Hadeel, a young, charismatic Arab woman, who teaches in a Jewish elementary school. Her relationship with the kids and staff helps to refute prejudices but raises clashes and conflicts too.


Elena, a successful Brazilian actress, leaves her adoring seven year old sister Petra behind and moves to New York with big dreams of success. Years later, Petra sets off on a lyrical journey in search of her sister.

The End

Where have all of Tel Aviv's neighborhood cinemas gone? This is a nostalgic journey to the great film theaters of yesteryear in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Enjoy Poverty

Dutch artist Renzo Martens concludes that the Congo's main resource is the poverty of its people and decides to create a program to teach its people how to profit from their own poverty.

F*ck For Forest

An extremely provocative account of the "Fuck for Forest" nonprofit, which is based on a radical approach to fundraising. Its members volunteer to produce spontaneous porn, sell views on the internet and dedicate the income to environmental causes.


This comprehensive investigation shows how Western pharmaceutical companies kept millions of HIV carriers in impoverished nations from receiving cheaper treatments. Standing up to the international lobby that backs these major drug companies is a small but determined group of activists, who fight back.


What starts as a visit by Johnny Depp to his esteemed friend Ralph Steadman turns into a surrealistic journey into the work and radical ideas of a cartoonist who collaborated with writers such as William Burroughs and Hunter S. Thompson.


The protest art of German artist Christop Schliengensief features in this film. Inspired by “Big Brother,” he set up a shipping container surrounded by cameras, and filled it with twelve foreigners seeking asylum in Austria. He then invited the audience at home to kick out of the foreigners every day, with the last person left receiving a residency visa.

First Cousin Once Removed

Director Alan Berliner goes on a poetic journey into the fading recesses of Edwin Honig's memory. Honig, a relative of Berliner, was once a noted translator of poetry in Spanish and Portuguese and an acclaimed poet in his own right. Now he contends with the ravages of Alzheimer's disease.

Forget Me Not

His mother's Alzheimer's brings director David Sieveking back to his parents' home. Though his mother has forgotten her rich past, the father and son recreate her former self, sketching a portrait of a feminist, socialist and activist, who had an open marriage and was a devoted mother.


The director's two flat mates are gamers who live in a world of computer screens, and for whom going out is a dirty word. The film documents a year in their unique lives and the special bond they share.

The Ghost of Piramida

A portrait composed of sights, sounds and personal reminiscences about the Soviet mining town of Piramida, which was abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet regime. Set against mesmerizing shots of frozen mines, abandoned factories and empty apartments, a former resident of Piramida describes the idyllic life there, which has long since vanished.

Good Ol' Freda

When the Beatles were at their peak, not many people payed any attention to the girl who was their secretary and who faithfully managed their fan club for a decade. 50 years later she tells her and their story for the first time.


An impressionist portrait of veteran actor Harry Dean Stanton. While friends like Wim Wenders and David Lynch can't praise him enough, Stanton only breaks his silence to sing folk music. Yet even this is enough to offer some fascinating clues about his life.

Handa Handa 4

Ronen and Orit have been together for three years. They are Bukharans and according to the strict tradition of their community, people marry after a very brief acquaintance. But Ronen and Orit rebel against their families and refuse to get married.

High Tech, Low Life

An intimate, revealing look at two journalists active in the Chinese blogosphere. They must avoid the censor's watchful eye as they cross the country in search of cases of social injustice ignored by the mainstream media,


The journey of Pastor Solomon, a Ghanaian migrant worker, who abandoned his son and adopted a whole community.

House of Fun

Deferred adolescence, instant "Israelis," love, disillusion, alcohol, drugs, and xenophobia. This film spends a year with a group of immigrants aged 17 to 21 at the Carmiel absorption center.

I Am

A fascinating account of the rehabilitation process experienced by three traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims. Roaming between moments of hope and desperation, the film captures the intense struggle of people trying to regain their identities.


The incredible story of a young Frenchman who impersonated a 16 year old boy from Texas that disappeared three years earlier. Although the distinguishing characteristics of the two men do not match, the boy's American family declare that their son has returned. As more information is revealed, suspicions about the boy's identity grow and the story gets even more mysterious.


Set against the rural landscapes of France, men and women nearing the ends of their lives openly describe their homosexuality, society's attitudes toward them over the years, past loves and loves rediscovered.

In the Shadow of the Sun

The brave struggle of two Tanzanian albinos against the belief that albinos' sex organs, once removed, are an effective good luck charm.

The Incredibles

The way director David Valero sees it, it is the average Joes and Janes who keep their sense of humor in the hardest times that are the real superheroes. "Iron Woman", "Radioactive Woman" and "Broken Wing" each find room for hope and laughter in a harsh reality.

Intimate Stranger

A dizzying audiovisual montage integrating a vast and diverse combination of archival materials and interviews in a candid and witty portrait of the director's elusive grandfather.

Irish Folk Furniture

Using impressive stop-motion techniques, abandoned pieces of rustic furniture embark on a magical cinematic journey, with a stop at a carpenter, who grants them new life.


Kings Point, a typical protected living complex in Florida, promises its golden age residents a life of leisure and community activity. By following the daily routines of five seniors living there, this film raises questions about the reality behind the dream.

The Lab

An investigative documentary revealing how the Israeli military occupation in Palestine has become a business rather than a burden.

Lets assume, for a moment, that God exists.

Sheep, people and God stroll in the citys' streets. After 47 years of documentary filmmaking, the director raises questions about heresy in his own films and about the sacred norms of contemporary

Little World

Although confined to a wheelchair, 19 year old Albert sets off on his dream trip to New Zealand, to visit the one place that is farthest from his home in Barcelona, and he does it with just twenty euros in his pocket.


With the rapid gentrification of Brooklyn underway, director Kelly Anderson wants to pinpoint those official agencies and interests that stand behind the process that is presented as "natural".

Mercy Mercy - Adoptionens pris

The story of Masho, an Ethiopian girl adopted by Danish parents, reveals the true face of the international adoption market. Even the best intentions often lead to tragedy for everyone involved, but especially for the children.


This film follows the hedonistic life styke of a rich businessman who spends his time skipping from city to city across Europe to catch every performance he can of Mozart's "Don Giovanni". As he waits for his final bout with a terminal illness, he devotes his life to his great passions: opera, young lovers, extravagance and elegance.


The director's neighbor reminds him of his mother, who succumbed to illness only recently, so he films her obsessively from his window. Though he is reluctant to approach the woman directly, he is reminded of the one who raised him and to whom it is so hard to say a last goodbye.

Nobody’s Business

The director's complex relationship with his father is the starting point of this profound, moving and humorous investigation of the meaning of family ties.


An intimate glimpse into the world of two friends who live together in Berlin. They survived the Holocaust, stayed in Germany and moved in together once they got older. They keep each other company, reminisce about their childhood, build up their friendship and contend with questions of heritage, identity and memory, all while cooking.


Right before they enter adulthood, three high school students from a small town in Southern California spend their time skateboarding and listening to punk rock, sharing little kisses and great loves, and meeting the expectations of the local church.

Once in a Lullaby

The PS22 (Public School) Chorus from Staten Island won international acclaim after their dynamic teacher posted videos of their performances on Youtube. This touching film follows the children, whose internet success culminates with an invitation to perform the final number at the Oscars.

The Only Son

A Nepali boy who was raised on modern culture and technology in an orphanage is demanded by his farmer parents to return to their remote village in the Himalayas, follow tradition by marrying a local girl and help them work the land.

Paul Bowles: The Cage Door Is Always Open

An ambitious cinematic portrait that deciphers the turbulent writing and mysterious persona of Paul Bowles, a rising star in American literature of the late 1940's ("The Sheltering Sky"), who spent most of his adult life in Tangier.

Photographic Memory

In an effort to reduce his increasing estrangement from his son as he approaches adulthood, director Ross McElwee returns to the scenes of his own youth. He travels to France, where he first experimented with his camera, and tries to assess how different his own analog generation is from the digital generation of today.

Pole, Dancer and a Movie

Neta Lee Levy, the founder of Israel's first pole dancing studio, challenges the very world she lives in no less than she challenges the world she came from.

Reality 2.0

Creative animation and a first-person perspective are used to cover a disturbing contemporary phenomenon: the use of Youtube as a means of disseminating threats and violence on behalf of Mexico's illegal drug industry.


A mesmerizing impressionist investigation into traditional reindeer husbandry, set in the dim light of autumn in Lapland.

Rita Jahan Foruz

On the eve of her forty-ninth birthday, with enormous tension between Tehran and Jerusalem looming in the background, Rita records an album in Farsi. This is the story of the singer's development from an eight year old girl who immigrated from Iran into a symbol of what it means to be Israeli.


While documenting the stunning farewell performance of LCD Soundsystem in Madison Square Garden in 2011, this film also offers an intimate portrait of the band's fascinating front man James Murphy, who decides to retire from the music industry at the height of his success.


Depressed and frustrated with life, Dr. John Kitchin abandons a career as a successful neurologist and becomes Slomo, the smiling guy on rollerblades who makes friends with the passersby.


An old piano stands alone on a New York street corner. Passersby stop beside it for a brief moment, some of them play while others take in its shape, minutes before the piano meets its inevitable fate.

Sans soleil

This cinematic voyage binds documentary with fiction to create a testament about this world, as seen from another. In Marker's film, the modern world depicted in all its vitality through imagery, becomes a representation and memory of some future, invisible age. In an age with no sun, there is no choice but to look back on the past and reflect on its meaning.

The Search for Emak Bakia

A lyrical journey in the footsteps of Man Ray's famous but mysterious film "Emak Bakia." What begins as an attempt to learn the history of the film quickly becomes a tribute to Man Ray's experimental spirit and his use of chance in cinema.

Searching for Bill

Drama and documentary merge in this impressionistic cinematic journey across America. Bob sets out in search of mysterious Bill, a serial con artist who stole his car and cheated many others of the little they have, leaving behind a diary in which he brags of his abilities.

Searching for Sugar Man

An American musician who released two failed albums in the early 1970's becomes a superstar in South Africa without ever knowing it. Two of his fans there decide to find out what happened to him, only to discover that the real story defies the imagination.

Shepard & Dark

Actor and playwright Sam Shepard and his friend Johnny Dark get together to edit a book that summarizes fifty years of correspondence. Through their witty letters about life and writing we discover a unique relationship with plenty of baggage.

Shkhuna (Neighborhood)

The story of 4 women who live in a modest neighborhood changing in front of their eyes. A small bench on the sidewalk near their home is the daily meeting place - It is their outdoor living room, where they entertain friends, amuse and encourage each other.

Soldier on the Roof

Three years of documenting Jewish life in Hebron and the day-to-day operation of the military regime uncover a surreal reality, and penetrates far deeper than the familiar media representations of the Jewish settlers in Hebron.


Three young brothers wander the crowded streets of New Orleans at night and discover a magical world. Their innocent perspective reveals a fantasy-like reality of music, erotica and esoteric characters.


Two middle-aged gay men decide to move in together and support each other as they cope with AIDS and poverty. Set in New Orleans while it is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, they try to find comfort in friendship and the little details of day-to-day life.

TPB AFK (The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard)

The fascinating story of three young Swedish men who created the largest file-sharing website in the world, and were forced to contend with an enormous lawsuit for copyright violations brought against them by the major Hollywood studios.

Tea or Electricity

In a secluded village, nestled between the stunning mountains of southern Morocco, residents prepare to lay an electrical line that will connect them to civilization, or more precisely, to television, which will shower them with dreams that shall remain out of reach.

The Mother, the Son and the Architect

An investigation of the link between built space and a human story. A unique modernist church in Sicily is the setting for an inquiry into the mysterious circumstances that led the architect's son to murder his mother.

The School as City

At 80, Dutch architect Herman Hertzberger is one of the most influential designers of schools in the world. And yet he is still fighting. While parents and the authorities tend to separate schools from their environments, he insists that transparency and freedom of movement are vital preconditions for healthy learning.

This Ain't California

The East German skateboarding scene of the 1980's was a vibrant, happy alternative to the regime and dismal mood on the street. It was also one of the first bridges to cross the Wall and connect young people from East and West.


Andrey Gryazev abducts the viewer into the world of Moscow-based art group Voina (war), the most striking occurrence in contemporary art in Russia.

Tomorrow's Another Day

The unique work process of venerated Swedish director Roy Andersson. He starts shooting without a finished script or budget, and with the help of his skilled crew, he builds complex sets with a meticulous aesthetic from the ground up, without any digital aids.

Turning Thirteen

The film follows the preparations for the Bar Mitzvah of Guy, the director's younger autistic brother.

Unsupported Transit

The construction site where China's new Stock Exchange is rising serves as raw visual material for an investigation into the connection between the moving image and contemporary capitalism.


One of the most popular tourist cities in the world might collapse under pressure. Even before it physically sinks beneath the sea, economic interests threaten to empty Venice of its original inhabitants and all its basic social services.

Venus & Serena

The Williams sisters have dominated women's tennis for the past decade. Their incredible story is told here for the first time in first person. A camera crew follows them home, to practice and to matches throughout a year marred by injury.

Violeta Mi Vida

Debora will do anything to make the Bat Mitzvah of her daughter Violeta as happy and glamorous as possible. An event so great which will help them forget the harsh everyday reality they live in.

Waiting For Sunrise

A deep and sensitive growing-up story about a boy who insists on following his heart's desires.

White Mist

Yitzhak Pecker is an elderly immigrant from the Soviet Union, who tries to save the life of the dog that shares his bleak apartment in Jerusalem.

Winter Nomads

Two shepherds set off on their seasonal migration, crossing 600 km of snow-covered fields in rural Switzerland. They will spend the next few months guiding 800 sheep to their destination, dealing with every unexpected problem that arises.

Without Gorky

Arshile Gorky was an Armenian refugee in New York, who became a pioneer of abstract impressionism in the 1940's. His granddaughter's inquiry into his mysterious suicide is the focus of this film, which highlights the vast work and tragic life of a great artist, while telling the story of his family and how they still live in his shadow.


Women/Pioneers tells the story of the turbulent passionate, painful lives of women who came here a century ago to build a new world and create the new woman.

Your sweet light

A young couple from Tekoa establishes a Jewish home for backpackers in India.

super women

The lives of five cashiers who work the same shift in a supermarket


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