Israeli Competition

Before The Revolution

It's hard to imagine now, but thousands of Israelis once lived in Tehran, benefiting from a special relationship with the Shah's regime. It was almost too late when they realized the corrupt regime they were relying on was falling apart.

Dancing in Jaffa

Renowned ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine applies his belief that dance can overcome political and cultural differences to 11 year old Jewish and Palestinian Israelis. over the course of a 4 month program her achieves a magical transformation.

Handa Handa 4

Ronen and Orit have been together for three years. They are Bukharans and according to the strict tradition of their community, people marry after a very brief acquaintance. But Ronen and Orit rebel against their families and refuse to get married.

House of Fun

Deferred adolescence, instant "Israelis," love, disillusion, alcohol, drugs, and xenophobia. This film spends a year with a group of immigrants aged 17 to 21 at the Carmiel absorption center.

The Lab

An investigative documentary revealing how the Israeli military occupation in Palestine has become a business rather than a burden.

Lets assume, for a moment, that God exists.

Sheep, people and God stroll in the citys' streets. After 47 years of documentary filmmaking, the director raises questions about heresy in his own films and about the sacred norms of contemporary

Pole, Dancer and a Movie

Neta Lee Levy, the founder of Israel's first pole dancing studio, challenges the very world she lives in no less than she challenges the world she came from.

Rita Jahan Foruz

On the eve of her forty-ninth birthday, with enormous tension between Tehran and Jerusalem looming in the background, Rita records an album in Farsi. This is the story of the singer's development from an eight year old girl who immigrated from Iran into a symbol of what it means to be Israeli.

Turning Thirteen

The film follows the preparations for the Bar Mitzvah of Guy, the director's younger autistic brother.


Women/Pioneers tells the story of the turbulent passionate, painful lives of women who came here a century ago to build a new world and create the new woman.

super women

The lives of five cashiers who work the same shift in a supermarket

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משרד התרבות והספורט - מועצת הקולנוע
רות דיסקין סרטים
אולפני זינקו

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משרד התרבות והספורט - מועצת הקולנוע
קבוצת הראל ביטוח ופיננסים
אימאג' בנק ישראל

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ראש עיריית תל אביב-יפו

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משרד התרבות והספורט - מועצת הקולנוע

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קרן מקור לקולנוע וטלוויזיה

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משרד התרבות והספורט - מועצת הקולנוע


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