International Competition

The Absence of Shadow

Set against the backdrop of Vietnamese vistas, captured in mesmerizing black and white, a man who went blind as a boy during the Vietnam War describes how his blindness became his inspiration to be a writer.

The Act of Killing

A chilling, original film that makes a strange request of the war criminals who took part in Indonesia's military coup. They are asked to play themselves and their victims in dramatic cinematic recreations of the atrocities they committed half a century ago.

Blood Brother

When Rocky Braat first came to India as an American backpacker, he never imagined all the difficulties he would encounter, or the love he would find there. Meeting a group of HIV-infected kids, he decided to devote his life to them. But will he be allowed to stay with the children he has come to love?

Camp 14 - Total Control Zone

The unbearably brutal story of Shin Dong-Huyk. Born and raised as a "political prisoner" in a North Korean labor camp, at age 23 he manages to escape and tell the world about the horrors which still take place there.

Danube Hospital

With meticulous footage of the various departments, surgical procedures, workshops, equipment rooms and human circumstances, celebrated director Nikolaus Geyrhalter offers a fascinating personal visual investigation of one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in the world.


A special relationship between the director and a woman who lives alone in a remote cabin in the woods starts off with a string of curses and obscenities but ends with a friendshipmingled with suspicion. A humorous but penetrating reflection on the charged relationship between the documentary filmmaker and his subject.

Forget Me Not

His mother's Alzheimer's brings director David Sieveking back to his parents' home. Though his mother has forgotten her rich past, the father and son recreate her former self, sketching a portrait of a feminist, socialist and activist, who had an open marriage and was a devoted mother.


The incredible story of a young Frenchman who impersonated a 16 year old boy from Texas that disappeared three years earlier. Although the distinguishing characteristics of the two men do not match, the boy's American family declare that their son has returned. As more information is revealed, suspicions about the boy's identity grow and the story gets even more mysterious.

In the Shadow of the Sun

The brave struggle of two Tanzanian albinos against the belief that albinos' sex organs, once removed, are an effective good luck charm.

Searching for Bill

Drama and documentary merge in this impressionistic cinematic journey across America. Bob sets out in search of mysterious Bill, a serial con artist who stole his car and cheated many others of the little they have, leaving behind a diary in which he brags of his abilities.

Soldier on the Roof

Three years of documenting Jewish life in Hebron and the day-to-day operation of the military regime uncover a surreal reality, and penetrates far deeper than the familiar media representations of the Jewish settlers in Hebron.


Three young brothers wander the crowded streets of New Orleans at night and discover a magical world. Their innocent perspective reveals a fantasy-like reality of music, erotica and esoteric characters.

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