Student Competition

כל הסרטים יוקרנו ביום ה' 2.5 בשעה 10:00, סינמטק 3. הכניסה חופשית!

Demeter's Spring

The film draws a portrait of a cemetery during one year as it withers and blooms again.


The director's two flat mates are gamers who live in a world of computer screens, and for whom going out is a dirty word. The film documents a year in their unique lives and the special bond they share.


The journey of Pastor Solomon, a Ghanaian migrant worker, who abandoned his son and adopted a whole community.

Waiting For Sunrise

A deep and sensitive growing-up story about a boy who insists on following his heart's desires.

White Mist

Yitzhak Pecker is an elderly immigrant from the Soviet Union, who tries to save the life of the dog that shares his bleak apartment in Jerusalem.

Your sweet light

A young couple from Tekoa establishes a Jewish home for backpackers in India.

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