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Docaviv - NPO for promotion of documentary Film is the organizer of the Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival and the Docaviv Galilee Festival.
The 16th Docaviv International Film Festival will take place on May 8-17, 2014 at Tel Aviv Cinematheque and other locations around the city.

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The winners of the 16th Docaviv Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival were announced on Wednesday.

Israeli Competition Winners

Best Israeli Film Award

Probation Time

directed by Avigail Sperber

70,000 NIS prize, in memory of Prof. Haggi Tsur, an art enthusiast and supporter of Docaviv – initiated and donated by his friends. Also courtesy of Ministry of Culture & Sport – The Israeli Film Council, Ruth Diskin Films, Zinko Studios and Glikson

“The jury awards this film for its bold, cinematic work that mixes the richness of fiction with the sincerity of real-life. Its subtle understated intimacy and deep understanding of the complexity of family create an extraordinary personal film that is surprisingly void of ego that manages to explore universal themes from a specific point-of-view.”

Special Jury Mention

Life According to Ohad

directed by Eri Daniel Erlich

20,000 NIS prize courtesy of Ministry of Culture & Sport – The Israeli Film Council
Harel Insurance Investment and Financial Services

“A film which brings to the screen a rich and vivid cast of characters, full of life, quirks and lots of love. The film counteracts the complex, touching protagonist burdened by passionate idealism, with unexpected humor and confident storytelling.”

Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa Award for Debut Film

Sound of Torture

directed by Keren Shayo

30,000 NIS prize courtesy of the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

“A film which is brave, urgent, deeply moving, illuminating an underreported tragedy through the perspective of an accidental activist. ”

Best Cinematography Award

Probation Time

Avigail Sperber

4,000 NIS prize courtesy of Ministry of Culture & Sport – The Israeli Film Council

“The jury awards the Best Cinematography to a film whose camera has an intuitive sense of being at the right place. The cinematographers tender, non judgmental eye is attentive to gesture and emotion. Delicately balancing her personal involvement with an artist’s objectively/ perspective.”

Best Editing Award

The Green Prince

Joelle Alexis and Sanjeev Hathiramani

4,000 NIS prize courtesy of Ministry of Culture & Sport – The Israeli Film Council

“The prize goes to a tense, high stakes, thriller that juxtaposes two testimonies with recreations, creating a powerful, multilayered film.”

Best Research Award

Last Stop

Oshri Hayun, Fima Shlik and Sarah Tziphroni

4,000 NIS prize courtesy of Ministry of Culture & Sport – The Israeli Film Council

“The research prize goes to the film which dives courageously into a perplexing labyrinth and curating a cast of unique characters, who together form a disturbing picture of a city in transition.”

International Competition Winners

Best International Film Award

The Square

directed by Jehane Noujaim, USA, 2013

20,000 NIS prize courtesy of Ministry of Culture & Sport – The Israeli Film Council

The Square is distinguished by its inspirational characters, young people who were willing to risk everything, even death, for the political change to which they were committed. Through the dramatic journey of these characters the director was able to capture viewers and bring them along for a two-year journey documenting the birth and on-going development of a new social order in Egypt.”

Special Jury Mention

Ne Me Quitte Pas

directed by Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels Van Koevorden, Netherlands / Belgium, 2013

“Set in a rural background, Ne Me Quite Pas reflects documentary-making in a very simple but extremely effective form, featuring just two characters who allow the viewer to reflect on loneliness, isolation, poverty as well as loyalty and even love. ”

Depth of Field Competition Winners

Artistic Vision Award


directed by Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez, USA, 2013

3,000 NIS prize courtesy of Iris Rywkind Ben Zour and Eran Ben Zour

“The award for best film in the Depth of Field category is given to an extraordinary, uncompromising documentary with a unique aesthetic vision. Manakamana is a challenging film which asks its viewers to immerse themselves within its images and offers a sensorial viewing experience that is both enjoyable and filled with brilliant ideas. The jury this year is proud to give the award in this new category to a film that ponders on the meaning of looking and the passing of time in documentary.”

Special Mention

Planets: Four Variations of Detachment

directed by Ohad Milstein

“Our jury this year decided to also grant a special mention to Ohad Milstein’s Planets: Four Variations of Detachment, a film that offers an analytic and non-conventional narrative. The film follows several unique characters, whose portraits merge into a clever cinematic essay that meditates on existence built on isolation and separation in Israeli society.”

Student Competition Winners

Best Student Film Award

In Papa’s Word

directed by Anna Gurevich, Tel Aviv University

14,000 NIS prize courtesy of The Mark Rich Foundation, Zinko Studios, Glikson

“First place goes to In Papa’s Word for documentary cinema that tells a personal story with sensitivity and touching straightforwardness. This journey in search of the absent father figure untangles itself ingeniously as the film progresses.”

Second Place Award

Death and the Maiden

directed by Yael Lotem, Tel Aviv University

4,000 NIS prize courtesy of Ministry of Culture & Sport – The Israeli Film Council

“Second place goes to Death and the Maiden for its unusual aesthetic language. It imposes a turbulent life story on a historical figure, while integrating the cinematic arts with the art of painting.”

Third Place Award

Mountain Men

directed by Dan Bronfeld, Bezalel Academy Of Arts & Design

3,000 NIS prize courtesy of Ministry of Culture & Sport – The Israeli Film Council

“Third place goes to Mountain Men for the original idea of describing the complex reality of the country through a single location and the people who work there, all from an intriguing visual perspective.”

Special Mention

2-3 Memorial Day

directed by Rotem Pesachovich, Sapir College

“For the courage to touch on the personal pain, the intimacy, and the restraint, to ponder the question of how we relate to Memorial Day.”

Last Update: May 17, 2014, 14:34

Due to a chance of rain, the opening gala of the Docaviv film festival will take place at Hangar 11 at The Port of Tel Aviv.

If you haven’t already RSVP’d, please do so here.

See you at The Port!