Israeli Competition Jury


Ryan Harrington

Vice President of Artists Programs at the Tribeca Film Institute, which awards grants of over $2 million to artists who work in the field of documentary, fiction, and cross-platform, and which develops training labs and workshops on filmmaking around the world. Previously, Harrington managed production at A&E IndieFilms, the theatrical documentary arm of the A&E Television Networks, where he championed a long list of highly regarded films, including “Jesus Camp” and “Murderball.”


David Ofek

As a director and screenwriter working in both film and television, he is one of the most original artists in Israeli cinema of the past few decades. His work frequently deals with groups on the margins of Israeli society, including immigrants, workers, and people living in the country’s periphery. His works blur the boundary between documentary and fiction and always include an important moral critique. His films “The Seventeenth Victim” and “The Studio” won numerous awards in Israel and overseas. His film “Henda Henda 4” won a special LOL award from the jury of Docaviv for Funniest Documentary Film.


Paul Sturtz

Founder and Director of the True/False Film Festival. In 1998, he was a founder (together with David Wilson) of the Ragtag Film Society. As of 2000, he has headed the artistic program of the Ragtag Cinema, one of fourteen select cinematheques noted by the Sundance Film Festival. He founded the True/False Film Festival in 2004 together with David Wilson, and has since served as its director. Together with Wilson, he was named by Indiewire as one of the forty people who are changing the face of cinema. His film “Dear Valued Guests” was screened at Docaviv 2013.


Leslie Vuchot

The Founder and Chair of the Festival Agency, an independent European agency responsible for the distribution of catalogs and collections of highly regarded films to festivals and cultural organizations around the world. she was Publicity and Marketing Manager at HanWay Films in London, where she intensified her network on the festivals circuit and prior to that, she worked for Focus Features International. Vuchot studied law and completed an MBA at the Sorbonne, specializing in the entertainment industry.


Aurit Zamir

Producer and owner of Gum Films (with partner Yoav Roeh). Among the documentary films she produced are: Yotam Feldman’s “The Lab,” winner of Best Debut Film at DocAviv 2013, which went on to be screened at festivals worldwide,”Night Shift” by Itamar Chen (Honorable Mention at the Haifa Festival 2013), “Long Distance” by Amikam Goldman (FIPA- Silver Award), and many more. She is a graduate of Sam Speigel Film School, and teaches production.

International Competition Jury


Yael Bartana

Studied at the Bezalel Academy of the Arts and the New York School of Visual Arts. Her work was featured at a solo show at the MoMA in New York, and she participated (twice) in the Biennale in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in dOCUMENTA (Kassel, Germany) and in the Venice Biennale. She was the recipient of the Artes Mundi Prize in 2010. She is a video and installations artist whose works examine social, political and military rituals in the State of Israel through the language of propaganda and documentation.


Einat Fishbein

As a Journalist she covered news and wrote for the magazine sections of Haaretz and Yediot Aharonot newspapers, prepared television reports for all major news broadcasters in Israel and presented the investigative news shows Ha-Ayin Ha- Shelishit (“The Third Eye”) and Ha-Nivcheret (“The Top Panel”). She lectures at the Communications department of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, and is a founder and the main writer of the internet magazine The Hottest Place in Hell, dedicated to social issues.


Paul Pauwels

Director of the European Documentary Network. He is a former international producer of documentary films, commission editor for a television station, producer and manager of various communications institutes. A member of the selection committee of the Flemish Film Fund, he has considerable experience in teaching and training. He teaches documentary film production at the MAD Film Academy in Belgium.


Charles Schuerhoff

Producer and distributor of documentary films, with over 35 years in the industry. He was one of the founders of the distribution arm of WGBH TV. In 2006, he was appointed Director of Acquisitions of WGBH TV, which merged with CS Associates and became PBS International. The company now specializes in the production and distribution of documentary films, and is involved in a wide range of documentary projects, including films and series by independent artists in the U.S. and around the world.


Anat Zeltzer

Senior documentary filmmaker and editor, producer and director of television programs and series for IBA, Channel 10, Channel 8 and Educational TV. Her projects (together with Modi Bar-On) include “All about People”, “In the Jewish State”, “Tel Aviv- Jaffa” and “The Kibbutz”. She also created and edited “Cultural Heroes”, produced and co-wrote the scripts for “The Travels of the Duck”, “Citizen Aloni”, “The Lion Roared Twice” and other works documenting present-day culture throughout the country.

Depth of Field Jury

In cooperation with the Film Critics Forum, Docaviv is proud to present for the very first time a competition devoted to bold, original filmmaking that tests the boundaries of the documentary genre.


Shmulik Duvdevani

Dr. Shmulik Duvdevani lectures in the Department of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, the Department of Communications and Cinema at the Kibbutz Seminar and the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem. He researches both documentary film and Israeli film. His book First Person, Camera, published by Keter in 2010, discusses personal documentary film in Israel. He is also a film critic for Ynet.


Ohad Landsman

Dr. Ohad Landsman, a lecturer and researcher of documentary films, teaches in the Department of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University and the Department of History and Theory at the Bezalel Academy of Art. He completed his PhD in the Department of Film Studies at NYU. His articles appeared in journals including Studies in Documentary Film, Animation and Projections, and in the magazines Film Comment, Indiewire, Reverse Shot and Takriv.


Ido Rosen

Ido Rosen is the film critic of the student magazine The Campus. He also writes about film for a variety of media outlets in Israel and overseas. He was also head of the film and television desk for the Israeli TV show Entertainment News. Rosen produced the decade of film and television summary project for Akbar Ha-Ir Online, in collaboration with the different cinematheques. He was a writer, editor, producer and Head of the Film Desk for Galatz.

Student Competition Jury


Tor Ben Mayor

Director and editor of documentary films. His works include “Kapo” (winner of the International Emmy for Best Documentary Film, 2000), “Two-sided Story”, “Ode of the Sins” and “Shattered Dreams of Peace” which received a Peabody Award.


Silvie Blum

Producer and director, Working for INA, she produced feature films before concentrating principally on documentaries covering contemporary arts and society.


Yael Kipper

Highly regarded documentary filmmaker since 1996. Her films include: “Superwomen” (Special Jury Mention and Cinematography Award – Docaviv 2013), “Sawawin”, “Shining Stars”, “The Last Fighters”, “If Man Could Fly”, and more.

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