Germany 2013, 97 min, English and Different Languages, Hebrew & English subtitles

An impossible encounter between two worlds takes place, when a father, who abandoned life in the West to live in the rain forests of Central Africa, brings his Pygmy son along on a trip to New York. Louis Sarno has spent the last thirty years living among the Bayaka people. He came to them by chance, after hearing some of their music on the radio. Inspired by the evocative sounds, he set out to find the source of that unique music among the remote tribe of hunter-gatherers that creates it. He fell in love there, got married and had a son, Samedi. Now he takes Samedi back to New York to share the world he came from with his son. Much to Sarno’s disappoint, life in the American city still seems artificial and alienating. But his adolescent son, who grew up in a society that is facing extinction, is enchanted and enthralled by it. The stunning cinematography and haunting music offer a powerful expression of Sarno’s life experience, and provide an opportunity to explore his personal archive, which contains over a thousand hours of tribal music. The film was awarded Best Documentary at IDFA in Amsterdam.

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Director & Script: Michael Obert
Production: Alex Tondowski, Ira Tondowski
Production Company: Tondowski Films
Editing: Wiebke Grundler
Cinematography: Siri Klug
Print Source: none